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My Wife Had An Uber Scare On Her Recent Trip To...

On my wife's recent girls trip to San Juan Puerto Rico she ran in to an issue with one of her Uber rides. It was a pretty scary situation.

Uber Makes Tricky Change to Amex Platinum Credits

The process has changed for the worse, and there was no announcement by Uber. Credit are no longer applied automatically and if you weren't aware you might let credits expire.

Uber Discounts, Save on Rides or UberEats Deliveries

If you use Uber often for rides or UberEats for food deliveries, then there's a couple of options for discounts.

Targeted Groupon Offers, 50% Off Uber Gift Cards or Any Local...

Groupon is sending targeted offers to some of its customers. You can either get a 50% discount on Uber gift cards, or even better, half off any purchase of local deals.

(Dead) Two New Uber Promos to Save on Your Next Ride!

Save on your next Uber ride with two new promos for both new & existing customers!

Raise Sale, Up to 7.2% Off Uber Gift Cards Today

Raise is offering an extra 5% off Uber Gift Cards today when you promo code UBERNOW. Must spend at least $100 to qualify for the promotion.

Groundlink Car Service Review: Is It A Better Alternative to Uber...

Groundlink Car Service Review Groundlink is an app based driver service which matches passengers with professional drivers in a number of cities around the country....

Earn $5 ShopYourWay Points For Every Uber Ride

You can earn $5 through the ShopYourWay program for every Uber ride from 2/13/2018 until 2/15/2018. SYW Members must first link account to Uber.



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