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Club Carlson’s Biggest Mistake Today Wasn’t the Huge Devaluation

Club Carlson credit card review.
A look at today's huge Club Carlson devaluation and a look at why the devaluation itself is not the biggest mistake Club Carlson made.

Why I won’t be purchasing Club Carlson points today during Daily...

A look at today's Daily Getaways sale of Club Carlson's points and why I won't be buying them at this price since I can acquire them elsewhere much cheaper.

Club Carlson Credit Card Targeted Spending Bonuses

Club Carlson credit card review.
US Bank is sending out targeted spending bonus offers for holders of their co-branded Club Carlson credit card. Is it worth it to shift your spend?

Club Carlson Credit Card Review – Not As Good as it...

Club Carlson credit card review.
Updated: 8/11/2015 U.S. Bank Club Carlson Credit Card Review Overview U.S. Bank and Club Carlson made waves in late 2012 with the launch of a group of...

What’s In My Wallet – Credit Card Spring Cleaning Edition

Annual fees recently became due on a number of our credit cards. Find out which ones we decided to keep and which ones we ultimately cancelled!

Recent Credit Card Applications Results & Strategy

The results and strategy from my recent round of credit card applications at five different banks.



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