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5 Fabulous Free Activities In Downtown Dallas

During my recent trip to Dallas I discovered five amazing free activities in the Downtown area which can be enjoyed by the entire family!

The Sundial Bridge In Redding, California

The Sundial Bridge in Redding, California is called by some the largest sundial in the world. Housed in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, the bridge is fantastic and so is the surrounding area.

The Gateway Arch

I treasure the mornings when I wake up knowing that I will be visiting an iconic place.  Given the fact that I don't consider...

One Week Back In The States!

Our week in the United States proved to be incredibly chaotic and tiring. We arrived back in the U.S. on October 30th and quickly got our rental car at LAX without much problem. Excited to be behind the wheel again, I drove over to Jasmine’s mom’s house directly from the airport and we quickly settled in for the night.

Nine or Eleven Days Off Before Guatemala!

While I don’t have much to report from this layover time, I can now say that my dad is now happily married. We attended his wedding on Saturday July 21, 2007 and everything went off without a hitch. It was a small ceremony and the newlyweds seem to be incredibly happy. I have to admit, with the situation as it is, I couldn’t be happier for them.

To Summarize So Far!

That is a basic summary of our time across the United States. As I write this, I have had a little time to rest and reflect on the past few months. While I honestly wouldn’t do anything differently, we pushed ourselves quite hard and are a bit worn out. Jasmine and I really considered this part of the trip to be more of a sightseeing adventure, as opposed to the rest which will hopefully be more of a cultural experience.

Making Our Way Back To Vegas!

I left you last in Vallejo, CA. We woke up on Tuesday morning and headed over to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which was just a couple of miles from our hotel. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is unique in that it is as much an animal park as a theme park. The closest comparison would probably be Sea World.

Haven’t We Had Enough Natural Beauty? Well……No!

We woke up on Sunday with an urge to get over to the coast. The drive from Portland over the mountains to the Pacific Ocean is a little over an hour and we got to it quickly. Upon seeing the ocean, we decided to stop for lunch in order to fuel up for the rest of the day. This route is not the quickest by any means, but who drives down the coast to make time?