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Increased Cashback Rates for Walmart, Earn as Much as 12% Back

Looks like there's a cashback war brewing. Lots of shopping portals have amazing rates right now for shopping at Walmart.

Discounted Uber Gift Cards at Walmart, Save 10%

Walmart is selling Uber egift cards at a 10% discount. There's a few denominations available.

Walmart Ends ShippingPass Program, Lowers Free Shipping Threshold

Walmart has ended its ShippingPass program which offered free two day shipping for $49 a month. Instead, now everyone will get free two day shipping on purchases of $35 or more

Metabank Prepaid Visa Errors When Loading to Bluebird/Serve at Walmart

Several people have reported having load issues with Metabank cards at Walmart. Find out my experience and what can be done to get around errors so you can liquidate these cards.

Get a Free Walmart Gift Card (up to $25) if Your...

How to get a free Walmart gift card if your discounted gift card order from the other day was cancelled. It is simple and takes only a minute.

Act Quick! $25 Walmart Gift Card for $10 with NO Apparent...

Purchase a $25 Walmart gift card for $10 with no apparent limit. This is a possible mistake.

REDBird Postmortem – Alternate Liquidation Methods, Closing REDbird, Serve or Bluebird,...

REDbird may have stopped allowing debit & gift card loads. Find out alternative liquidation methods, how to switch from REDbird to Serve or Bluebird, the loading process at Walmart and a lot of other useful information to help you forge a path forward.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hyatt, My...

Testing out Amex Platinum roaside assitance after blowing a tire on our way to the Hyatt via Walmart on an attempt to load Kate. Why do these things happen right before early morning flights?



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