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Tags Washington D.C.

Tag: Washington D.C.

Last Day in D.C.

Today we spent a good portion of our morning running errands. By the time we actually arrived in Washington D.C. it was close to 1pm. This was also the first day that we drove our car into the city in lieu of taking the subway. After driving in and out of downtown Washington today, our decision to take the subway the last couple of days was reaffirmed. This isn't the easiest (or funnest) place to drive if one is not familiar with the streets.

So Much To Do In Washington D.C.

I woke up on Sunday morning not really in the mood to do anything. As I looked outside, I was delighted to see that the weather had cooperated with my lazy plan. It ended up raining all day on Sunday so there wasn't much point in going downtown to sight see, as it would've been miserable. The bad part of this of course, is that it cut our precious time in D.C. from four days down to three.

Welcome To Washington D.C.

I tried to book our hotel in Washington D.C. through Wednesday so that we might visit the local Six Flags park here without cutting out any of our other plans. Unfortunately, for the rate I received through priceline (really good!) we have to check out on Tuesday. Originally Friday was supposed to be a leisurely day as we drove up to Washington D.C., but we decided to wake up early, and drive straight to Six Flags America for a few hours before going to our hotel for the night.



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