How to Double Dip The 20% Off Target Coupon & Use It Twice! (Plus Up to 28% Off with Gift Card Stack?!?)

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Target Coupon Double Dip

Target Coupon Double Dip

I have me a lot of Target on my mind. Not only have they had some awesome deals lately, today they have 10% off Target gift cards both online and in-store. Additionally, they ran a promotion on Black Friday to get a 20% off coupon with a $50 or more purchase. I managed to pick up quite a few of those coupons. 😉

Anyway, it has come to my attention that a lot of people don’t know about a cool little trick when it comes to those coupons. They actually work twice. Target actually gives you both a barcode to scan for in-store purchases and a coupon code to use online.

For example, here is the coupon I was emailed for my Black Friday purchase on

Target Coupon Double Dip

Of course I have blocked out part of the codes, but as you can see, my coupon above has both an online code for use at and a barcode to use in-store. These coupons are independent of each other and using one doesn’t invalidate the other. A Target 20% off double dip if you will and for the record, most Target coupons work this way! 🙂

Stack for ~28% Off

Don’t forget too, that you can combine this coupon with 10% off Target gift cards both online and in-store beginning tomorrow for about 28% off! More details here.


Between all of Target’s themed discount days, their Cartwheel offers, 20% off coupons and 10% off gift cards, there is a ton of value at Target for a lot of people. This little “trick” is just another way to get even more value if you shop both in-store and online.

Did you know about this Target coupon double dip opportunity? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!


    • How did you get the 20% off coupons? I know I am too late this time, but I’d like to know for next time!! Thanks!

      • Every Black Friday Target runs a deal where you get a 20% coupon after spending $50. Can be in store or online.

  1. Dan, I’m in the same boat. I have a 20% coupon in the app only, but I don’t think it can be used online. No email coupon. But the cashier did hand me a paper coupon that I believe can be used online or in store.

  2. I got the 20% coupon in the Target app by using the Wallet feature of the App on BF. I never received an emailed 20% coupon so no way to double dip that I can find.

  3. Greatness! Just picked up $900 of Target cards to use for gifts so VERY good to know! I otherwise thought was one code or the other. Thanks, Shawn


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