Top Domestic Summer Travel Destinations According to WalletHub

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Top Domestic Summer Travel Destinations

WalletHub just released their top 20 summer travel destinations and some other very interesting facts.

The List

Per WalletHub: To help travelers plan the perfect summer getaway, WalletHub compared 100 metro areas across 40 key indicators of budget- and fun-friendliness. The data set ranges from cost of the cheapest flight to number of attractions to average price of a two-person meal.

Top 20 Summer Travel Destinations
1 Washington, DC   11 New York, NY
2 Orlando, FL   12 Los Angeles, CA
3 Austin, TX   13 Tampa, FL
4 Chicago, IL   14 St. Louis, MO
5 Atlanta, GA   15 Salt Lake City, UT
6 Cincinnati, OH   16 Richmond, VA
7 Dallas, TX   17 San Antonio, TX
8 Oklahoma City, OK   18 Philadelphia, PA
9 Las Vegas, NV   19 Knoxville, TN
10 Houston, TX   20 Pittsburgh, PA


Here is a map of the top 100

Source: WalletHub

Other Interesting Facts

There dished out some other interesting travel facts:

  • The average adult is expected to spend $6,237 on summer travel this year.
  • 47% of travelers worry about money, just behind weather (50%) and topping delays (45%), theft (38%) and illness (33%).
  • 35% of people think travel is worth getting into debt for.
  • 40% of people have used credit card rewards to pay for at least part of a vacation.

$6,000 ouch.  Some people need to do a better job at using miles and points! I am surprised the debt percentage isn’t higher than 35%.  I feel like a lot of people put their trips on 0% interest cards and pay them off over the next several months.


It’s Friday so I thought this would be a little fun to kick off the weekend.  I hope you enjoyed.  Share your thoughts on the list or the interesting facts in the comments section.

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  1. As a DC native I’m going to suggest not coming here in the summer. It’s a miserable time to visit DC. We have a lovely city, definitely visit. But seriously. Summer averages above 90 with 70-90% humidity. It’s a steam room. DC has beautiful spring and fall weather. And winter is extremely mild. Christmas time here is lovely. But summer? We all try to leave.

    • Haha I feel like that is the case for everywhere on the list though. Atlanta, Vegas etc. are all kind of miserable in the summer 🙂

  2. Where are the beach towns and national parks on the list? I’d personally put Yellowstone or Glacier National Park above any of the cities on the list.

    • I think this list was based only on metro areas and didn’t include parks etc. I don’t think it was an all encompassing list just for city travel.


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