5 Highest Rated Total Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Locations in Vegas & The Current Full List

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Top Total Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Locations

Top Total Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Locations

A few weeks ago I did a list of the 5 highest rated Total Rewards free ticket shows.  These were all based on TripAdvisor ratings.  I promised that I would do the same thing for the Total Rewards Diamond Celebration dinner locations too.

Total Rewards has gutted their program quite a bit the last year, especially Diamond Lounge access, but the Celebration Dinners survived the devaluation.

This is one of the better perks of Diamond status.  Even people who reach the status via status match or through FoundersCard get this perk.

Top 5 Diamond Celebration Dinner Restaurants

5. Oyster Bar – Harrah’s 

This is located just off the gaming floor inside Harrah’s casino.  Right before you reach the escalators.  If you love Oysters then look no further down the list!

4. Nobu Restaurant & Lounge – Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace double dipped on the Nobu name.  They have a hotel under the Nobu branding as well as a top rated restaurant.  Nobu has locations scattered across the US and the rest of the world.  It is a Japanese Fusion restaurant and a great place to use up your $100 certificate.

3. Mesa Grill – Caesars Palace

This is our own Bethany Walsh’s favorite restaurant in Vegas, if not the world.  She gives it 5 stars if that means anything to you.  It offers Southwestern themed food and is only open in Las Vegas after they closed the NYC location after an impressive 22 year run.

2. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Harrah’s

Not the most exciting, since they are everywhere, but a solid selection that offers an air of familiarity.  If you want some meat and potatoes then this is your spot!

1. Restaurant Guy Savoy – Caesars Palace

Coming in at #1 and #22 in all of Vegas is Restaurant Guy Savoy.  It is a french cuisine restaurant where your $100 may not go too far but it can make it somewhat affordable for once.

Top Total Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Locations

Special Consideration – Sterling Brunch – Bally’s

Something just outside the top 5 that is unique and worth a mention is the Sterling Brunch at Bally’s.  You can read Shawn’s full review from yesterday. Every Sunday morning the BLT Steak restaurant becomes the most extravagant brunch in Las Vegas, which is saying a lot. It is a little over $100 a person so perfect if both people have a certificate.  Just make sure you don’t eat anything before you go :).


While Total Rewards doesn’t offer it’s players as much value as they used to the free show and Diamond celebration dinner are still two great perks of the program.  Hopefully I helped make your decision easier when you go to use them next time you are in Vegas.

Here is the list of all participating locations:

Top Total Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Locations

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  1. Thanks for the list – I like Mesa Grill when it was at Atlantis. So you get a $100 certificate for dinner each month like the tickets? How/Where do you actually get the cert? I just matched to Diamond a couple weeks ago.

      • TJ, I went out to Vegas over Christmas (2018) and used my Diamond credit. At this time, the new process is to simply let your server know at the end of the meal that you’ve a $100 Diamond credit and would like to apply it to your bill. But as a heads-up, not all restaurants within the Caesars Entertainment family accept the $100 Diamond dining credit. I think it’s well worth the 2-minutes wait in line at a Total Rewards desk to ask to view the list of restaurants that will accept said dining credit.

    • It is a yearly benefit that you get once you reach Diamond status and it is usually good until the end of January of the following year I believe. Since you just reached Diamond you can have them print it at the TR desk when you are at the casino you want to use it at. Once it is printed it can’t be printed again so it is best to wait until you are about to use it.

  2. @TJ

    It is once a year. You go to the TR desk to pick it up. Note that once they print it out you can’t get another if you misplace it, so I usually wait until the day I want to redeem it to pick it up.

  3. Do you earn the $100 celebration dinner the moment you are grated Diamond status? Or is it after being Diamond for one year? I was Platinum but upgraded to Diamond thru Founders Card.

  4. I had a similar experience. I went to Planet Hollywood but they refused to do anything. Then I went to Paris, and the staff there were nice enough to do a “replacement” for me, which gave me the voucher.

    • All at once. I wish they would just issue $100 in comps to your account so you could use it however you like but that isn’t the case.

  5. Great question. It’s a “Use it all or lose it” situation. So make sure to pick a place where you can eat $100 worth of food (although you MIGHT be able to use it on drinks, as well, check with you server). A positive expectation value would be to take a friend, buy his/her meal, then ask for reimbursement of his/her meal (or some percentage of reimbursement if you didn’t want to ask for 100% of reimbursement).

    Point is, plan on hitting the $100 mark when you spend it.

    • Great suggestion Tony. I have taken a friend with me and told them they have to cover the tip and I will cover the dinner 🙂


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