5 Highest Rated Total Rewards Free Ticket Shows & The Entire List of Current Shows

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Total Rewards Free Ticket Shows

5 Highest Rated Total Rewards Free Ticket Shows

I was in Las Vegas this past weekend for ZorkFest and had a great time.  While I was there I grabbed a Total Rewards Diamond/Platinum/Seven Stars free show sheet.  I am not sure why they don’t publish this online but I thought it would be a good thing to post for people to easily find it.  The list can change month to month but a majority of it stays the same.

This is a perk that survived Total Rewards’ massive devaluation this year.  Diamond and Seven Stars each get two free tickets per month and Platinum members get a buy one get one free offer each month.  Remember that you can match Wyndham status to Total Rewards to get these perks easily, especially with a Wyndham credit card!

I went through TripAdvisor to find the top 5 rated shows out of the group.  I will post a copy of the full list below too.

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Top 5 Total Rewards Free Ticket Shows

5. Miss Behave Game Show – Bally’s

This is a newer show that looks a little crazy, but fun.  Seems like it is a comedy/variety show that varies each time since it depends so much on audience interaction.  It is currently rated the 10th highest rated show in Vegas on Trip Advisor.

4. Tenors of Rock – Harrah’s

Throw back rock band who does their own songs instead of typical cover songs.  They are currently the 9th highest rated show in Vegas on Trip Advisor.

3. Wayne Newton – Bally’s 

I mean it is Mr. Vegas, Wayne Newton, what more needs to be said?  He currently has the 8th highest rated show in Vegas on Trip Advisor.

2. The Bronx Wanderer’s – Bally’s

A musical show that is a throwback to old Vegas shows.  They sing songs from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s with a few newer ones mixed in.  It is currently the 7th highest rated show in Vegas on Trip Advisor.

1. Paranormal – Bally’s

Bally’s cleaning up the list! This list was surprising to me and this was another surprise to me.  Paranormal is a mind reading magic show that is currently the 4th highest rated show in Vegas on Trip Advisor.

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Newer Shows

There were some newer shows that didn’t have any reviews yet:

It is also worth mentioning that Brooklyn Bowl has concerts that can range from great to bad, so you need to check what shows are going on when you are there.  This is only available to Diamond and Seven Stars members.

Also a shout out to Mat Franco who was the 6th highest rated show on the Total Rewards list and a winner of America’s Got Talent.  If you watch the TV show then he might top your list.

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Full List


You would think these would mostly be throw away tickets to middling shows but all on the list were rated in the top 10 in Vegas.  That is a pretty impressive perk!

You need to go to the Total Rewards desk to get your free ticket certificate and then you need to go to the ticket box office to see if any seats are available.  Try to get there when the ticket box offices open at 10AM so you have a better shot of getting the show you want.

Have you seen any of these free shows?  Which one was your favorite?



  1. Avoid Inferno. It was hokey, bland and surprisingly mundane for a professional production. I’ve seen better magic on a street corner.

  2. I’ve seen Paranormal twice – Loved it! Tenors of Rocks, loved it! Miss Behave – enjoyed it!
    The performers do ask hard for folks to post reviews on Tripadvisor, so i always take those with a grain of salt, but there are many many positive comments.


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