Kayak Releases a Travel Hacker Guide?!? (And I Like It!)


travel hacker guide 2015

Kayak’s Travel Hacker Guide 2015

Travel search engine Kayak has released their 2015 Travel Hacker Guide. I’m not quite sure if I agree with the title, but it does provide some interesting information based on the millions of searches done on the site.

Top 10 Most Popular Destinations

travel hacker guide 2015

This list is entirely made up of American cities. I am sure the results are a bit skewed since Kayak is U.S. based, but it is still interesting. While I won’t publish the full list here, my hometown ranks as #2!

As you can see above, each city on the list has its own set of detailed information as well. Clicking on a city will reveal more information such as: previous rankings, median airfare and the most popular hotels. The Luxor is the most popular hotel in Vegas? Wow!

Other Lists

In addition to the Most Popular Destinations, Kayak has released three other top 10 lists in their Travel Hacker Guide. Each of the lists contains cities or regions and more data once you click through.

Other lists available:

  • Top 10 Trending Destinations
  • Top 10 Deal Destinations
  • Top 10 Trending Beach Destinations

Global Travel Tips

travel hacker guide 2015

Finally, in addition to the lists, Kayak also provides global travel tips by region. Want to know when is the best time to book travel to Asia? Apparently it is five weeks out.

You can also find median airfare and the best travel days for just about every region around the world. Not life changing information, but interesting nonetheless.


While this guide isn’t about travel hacking in the way we normally describe it, I find the information quite interesting. Kayak has access to massive amounts of search data, so I am sure their findings are somewhat accurate.

To see all of the lists along with global travel tips, head over to Kayak’s 2015 Travel Hacker Guide.

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