AA’s Shocking Response, Tragic Video Of Chinese Bus Crash & Other Stories

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Travel Tabloids – Weekly Roundup

Travel Tabloids is a collection of the craziest travel related stories from around the web for the previous week or so.  Instead of gumming up your feed reporting on these as they happen we will post them all together, once per week.

I think people find these stories fun and/or interesting and hopefully it helps give you a little distraction in the middle of your work week.  If you find any crazy or funny articles that you think should make it into Travel Tabloids email me at mark@milestomemories.com.


China bus tragedy resulted from fist fight between driver and female passenger (VIDEO) – RT News

This is truly sad.  Something that in the grand scheme of things, missing your bus stop, is not that important and cost 15 people their lives.  It makes you reconsider what is worth getting truly upset about.

‘Are You Actually an M.D.?’: A Black Doctor Is Questioned as She Intervenes on a Delta Flight – The NY Times

It is the flight attendant’s job to ensure the person has proper identification in case something goes wrong during treatment.  Imagine if an unqualified person caused more damage while treating the passenger and the airline employees never checked for ID.  Having said that having two flight attendants ask for the same identification doesn’t look good at all.  And I don’t believe this is the first time Delta has had something similar happen either.

Woman Sues Airline After Being Raped on Flight – Travel Pulse

The way the facts are laid out this does not look good for American Airlines.  Over-serving the passenger would be a huge issue.  Then not properly handling the complaints that led up to the alleged assault are two huge red flags. It seems like this situation could have been easily avoided more than once.  Calling it a nuisance claim on top of that is just salt in the wound.

A Delta passenger found dog feces all over his plane seat while boarding, and he claims the crew gave him just 2 paper towels and told him to clean it up – Business Insider

Customer service really is a thing of the past. Not nearly as bad as this one but my wife recently had a drink spilled because of turbulence and the flight attendant gave her one napkin and never came back.  One napkin for 6 or so ounces of liquid to clean up!?!  It has gotten more rare to see great service then it is to see poor service.


That does it for this week’s edition of Travel Tabloids.  I hope you got a few chuckles and interesting reads out of the collection.  Hopefully it made the middle of the work week go a little bit faster.  Let me know if you find anything interesting via email (mark@milestomemories.com) or in the comments section.  Also let me know which story you found most interesting this week.


    • That they ignored the warnings of the other passengers. That they called the rape a nuisance claim and offered $5,000 for it to go away right off the bat. Take your pick, either one.

    • Thanks Brad – trying to figure out what is going on with them. If you right click it and open in another tab they work. Not sure why they are not going through directly though but we are working on it.


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