Southwest Flight Diverted For Footsie, Lyft Driver Has Mental Breakdown, Severe Turbulence Injures 15 & More!


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Travel Tabloids is a collection of the craziest travel related stories from around the web for the previous week or so.  Instead of gumming up your feed reporting on these as they happen we will post them all together, once per week.

I think people find these stories fun and interesting and hopefully it helps give you a little distraction in the middle of your work week.  If you find any crazy or funny articles that you think should make it into Travel Tabloids email me at


‘Flight from hell’: Severe turbulence injures 15 passengers, wrecks cabin on Argentina-bound plane – Fox News

This shows you why it is important to have your seat belt on during the flight.  Crazy how much luggage ended up in the aisle and how much food and drink splattered the walls.  It must have been insanely scary.  Buenos Aires is high on my list of places I want to go so I hope heavy turbulence isn’t a norm on that route.


That does it for this week’s edition of Travel Tabloids.  I hope you got a few chuckles and interesting reads out of the collection.  Hopefully it made the middle of the work week go a little bit faster.  Let me know if you find anything interesting via email ( or in the comments section.  Also let me know which story you found most interesting this week.



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