Two 5X Earning Deals End Today – Tons Of Points Earning Opportunity

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using the new chase offers system

Two 5X Earning Deals End Today – Tons Of Points Earning Opportunity

There are two of the better points earning deals out there that wrap up today.  These offer a way to amass a ton of Ultimate Rewards points with the Chase Ink Cash or Ink Plus card.  Or 5% back with the American Express Simply Cash.  You could also use one of your $25 off Staples Amex Offers if you don’t carry any of these cards. There are plenty ways to skin this cat.

Deal Details

Office Depot Deal

The Office Depot deal is buy $300 or more in select Mastercards, save $15 instantly. There is a limit of one per person but you may find a friendly cashier or you may have multiple stores in your area.  After taking into account the $6.95 fee per $200 card you walk away with a profit $1.10 and 1,995 Ultimate Reward points. Tips on liquidating Visa gift cards.

Staples Gift Card Deal

There is also a Mastercard gift card deal at Staples this week.  The cards are fee free for the $200 quantities.  These are a little more difficult to liquidate than the Visa cards so be aware of that before purchasing them. Pro tip here they have been saying limit of 1 per person but it seems to be left off the terms this time.  If you can get a reasonable manager you should be able to purchase more than one at a time.  And you can do them all in one transaction.

Final Thoughts

These are two deals that help you max out your Ink Cash 5X earning.  Ultimate Rewards are some of the most valuable points on the market and these deals help you get them in bunches.  Remember that Mastercard gift cards are more difficult to deal with than Visa cards so be cautious of that.  Here are some ways to liquidate those cards.



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