New U.S. Bank Checking Offer: $250 with Very Easy Requirements! [Targeted]


U.S. Bank Checking Bonus Offer

U.S. Bank Checking Bonus Offer

While it may not always seem like it these days, banks are in a constant battle for your business. They have huge acquisition costs to gain you as a customer, so they want to do everything they can do “lock” you into their ecosystem so you’ll be loyal and make them lots of money of the course of the relationship.

Hence why we occasionally get some good and some not so good targeted offers to open new accounts. Let’s take a look at U.S. Bank’s new mailer they sent me and why I probably will go through with the offer.

The Offer

Get $250 for opening a new consumer Platinum Checking Package or Easy Checking account with direct deposit

Key Terms

  • This offer is only valid for the addressee and is not transferable
  • Address on new account must match address on the mail piece to be eligible for the bonus.
  • Promotion code and address may only be used once

How It Works

  1. Open up a new Platinum Checking Package or Easy Checking account with the promotion code by April 30.
  2. Complete recurring direct deposits of two or more that total of $1,000 or more within 60 days of account opening.
  3. Your bonus will be deposited into your new checking account within 60 days.

U.S. Bank Checking Bonus Offer

Which Checking Account?

U.S. Bank allows you to choose one of two checking account types when opening an account.

  • Easy Checking – $6.95 monthly fee waived with $1,000+ direct deposits monthly or $1,500 average balance or if you are 65 or older
  • Platinum Checking – $24.95 monthly fee waived with $25,000 in deposits or if you have a personal trust relationship with U.S. Bank Wealth Management

I think the Easy Checking will be the choice for most people since its fee is small and the fee is fairly easy to get waived as well. Current U.S. Bank credit card holders should be able to switch to a Gold account fee-free after the bonus is paid I believe.

Worth Applying?

While $250 isn’t the highest bonus I have seen, this offer is attractive to me for a couple of reasons. Let’s break them down.

  • I already have a relationship with U.S. Bank meaning I won’t need new logins or to spend the mental energy dealing with another bank
  • The bonus is very simple to get and doesn’t require the commitment of a lot of funds for a long period of time
  • I can convert my checking to Gold Checking once the bonus posts and will have no fees if I keep the account open long term.

For those reasons I suspect this bonus could be popular for many of you if you are indeed targeted by U.S. Bank.

U.S. Bank Checking Bonus Application Experience

U.S. Bank Checking Bonus Offer

Since this deal makes sense for me, I went ahead and applied for the account online with my code. The site asked me for my existing login, but an error prevented the system from pre-populating my info. Despite that it only took about 5 minutes of typing and my application went to pending for some sort of fraud verification, but I don’t expect any issues with getting the account open.


I love lucrative offers that are both easy to participate in and simple to complete. At $250 this offer isn’t the highest, but it also is generous enough, especially considering the ease of participating. I have already signed up and will quickly get those direct deposits done. Cha-ching 🤑

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