What You Can Do to Help Uber in Nevada

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Uber in Nevada

A Petition For Uber in Nevada

I wrote a week ago about why Uber’s Nevada launch failed and how hard it will be to overcome the taxi lobbyists in the state. Now Uber really seems to be working to get the issue out in the public eye.

As a Nevada resident I received an email from Uber asking me to sign a petition addressed to our Governor and Attorney General. The petition says:

Dear [Recipient’s title] [Recipient’s name],

As a Nevadan, I am writing to urge you to stand with the people of Nevada in support of Uber and the choice and opportunity it provides.

Nevadans desperately want and need better, more innovative ways to move around their communities — Uber can help meet that need, as it is currently doing in more than 220 cities and 45 countries around the world.

Regulators shouldn’t stand in the way of consumer choice and economic opportunity simply to enrich a deeply-entrenched taxi industry. Millions of riders have voted for Uber with their pocketbooks and hundreds of thousands of drivers are earning more than they ever could in a taxi by partnering with Uber.

Voters like myself consider this a critical issue and I hope that you will work with Uber to find a permanent home for ridesharing in Nevada.

Thank you.

[Your first name] [Your last name] from zip code [Zip Code]


Will You Sign It

Obviously the signatures are supposed to come from Nevada citizens, but anyone can sign the petition. (It just asks for your zip code.) There were a lot of vocal supporters of Uber in Nevada last week, as many people shared their Vegas taxi horror stories.

I am staying neutral in this fight and am simply covering the story and making you aware of what is going on. It is clear that Uber is willing to do anything to get their service launched in the state. While I am sure it will be a long battle, I have faith that they will win out in the end.



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