Uber Rolls Out New RideCheck Safety System: How it Works & What to Expect From Now On


Uber RideCheck Safety Feature Rolled Out

Uber RideCheck Safety Feature Rolled Out

A lot has been said over the years about Uber and safety. There have been a number of incidences of harm coming to Uber passengers, but overall given the number of rides given daily, I think Uber has been fairly safe. At least I can say all of my hundreds of Uber experiences have gone according to plan.

With that said, things certainly do happen. Sometimes drivers go off course and other times simple things like car accidents happen. Now, Uber is monitoring your trip to ensure you are safe with a new feature they call RideCheck. It has been in testing for awhile, however now it has rolled out to all users.

Here is how Uber describes RideCheck:

Since our first ride nearly a decade ago, GPS has been the backbone of the Uber experience. Every trip is on the map, so we know where and when you’re riding and who’s behind the wheel. By using this data and other sensors in drivers’ smartphones, our technology can detect possible crashes or if a trip goes unusually off course. 

When a RideCheck is initiated, both a rider and driver will receive a notification asking if everything is OK. They can let us know through the app that all is well, or take other actions like using the emergency button or reporting the issue to Uber’s Safety Line. Our safety team may also follow up by phone to inquire about the RideCheck. In the event of a crash, we can also help expedite the insurance claims process. 

Uber’s video has a bit more information about how it all works:

Maturing as an Industry

Ridesharing is maturing as an industry and despite facing severe challenges from a lack of profitability and governments classifying drivers as employees, Uber is probably safer and more convenient than ever. While I won’t applaud them for taking so long to integrate these safety features, I am glad they now exist to help protect customers and more importantly improve the overall service we receive with Uber.

It does seem RideCheck will make it easier to get emergency help and/or to file insurance claims. It can also make you aware of potential danger such as going off course. For these reasons I think Uber’s RideCheck is a winner and hope they continue to tweak and improve it over time. 

What do you think? Does Uber need to do more to keep their customers/passengers safe? Let us know in the comments!

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