Uber Riders Now Risk Getting Kicked Off App for Low Rating

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Uber Riders Now Risk Getting Kicked Off App for Low Rating

Uber is one of the most popular ride sharing services out there. In case you weren’t aware, the app also has a rating for its millions of riders and drivers. You can rate a driver when you ride, and they can rate you as well.

But now Uber is requiring the same good behavior from riders that it has long expected from its drivers. Drivers with a rating of 4.6 or lower can lose access to the service. Now riders have to keep a certain rating as well. Riders in the U.S. and Canada are now at risk of deactivation if their rating falls significantly below a city’s average.

For riders there’s no specific minimum rating required. Uber is not disclosing the average rider rating, but an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch that “any rider at risk of losing access will receive several notifications and opportunities to improve his or her rating”.

Uber sent out an email yesterday with refreshed community guidelines, explaining what is expected or riders. Some of the basic requirements are to treat everyone with respect, help keep one another safe and follow the law.


  1. As people are dropped from the rider pool due to a low rating the average score will rise and more people will fall into the to-be-dropped category and the average score will keep on rising. Eventually there will be almost nobody left in the rider pool as the average score hits a ridiculously high value.
    Drop riders using a fixed low score threshold if that fits with your business plan, but to tie it to the average score which will inevitably go up as the low scorers are dropped from the pool makes no sense.


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