Unadvertised Deal! Free Money & 5X on MC Gift Cards This Week at Staples


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Staples Black Friday Mastercard Gift Card Deal

Staples Black Friday Mastercard Gift Card Deal

Staples has consistently been running Visa and Mastercard rebate promotions the past two months or so, but for some reason the fun ended this week when their ad came out without such a promotion. Or did it? Apparently there is an unadvertised Mastercard rebate promotion. Let’s take a look.

The Deal

  • Get a $15 Staples Gift Card on a Purchase of $300 or more of MasterCard Gift Cards.

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Key Terms

  • Valid 11/20/16-11/26/16
  • In store only.

As I mentioned this deal is not in the circular, but thankfully you can find the rebate form by going to StaplesEasyRebates.com and searching for rebate #16-89688. While the limit of 1 per household is not mentioned on the form, it has applied to every single Staples Mastercard rebate I have seen so I wouldn’t expect that anything has changed.

Maximizing the Deal

Staples Black Friday Mastercard Gift Card Deal

This deal is best maximized by using a card that earns 5X at office supply stores like the Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash. You can also use an Amex SimplyCash Plus which earns 5% cashback at office supply stores.

Using the Chase Ink, the optimal strategy is to purchase 2 of the $200 cards which cost $206.95 each. Here is the math:

  • Cost: $413.90
  • Minus Rebate: $15
  • Final Cost: -$1.10
  • UR Points Earned: 2,070

You could also purchase a $200 card and a $100 card, but the savings of $1 on fees doesn’t justify the loss of 500 Ultimate Rewards points on the extra $100 in spend.

About the Mastercard Gift Cards

Mastercard gift cards sold by Staples are issued by U.S. Bank and the PIN is in the packaging. You can also reset the PIN by calling the number on the back. These can be used as PIN-enabled debit cards at various grocery stores, etc., but using them at Walmart can be tricky since the POS system recognizes them as credit. To get around that you need to quickly change the payment type on the POS screen, but newer versions of the system make it difficult. If you plan to use them at Walmart, YMMV.

Liquidate the Staples Gift Card

The rebate comes in the form of a Staples store gift card. This can be used to purchase merchandise (but not other gift cards) at Staples. It can also be sold to various gift card resellers for 84.5% of face value. ($12.68)


While I wish it were another Visa deal, for those who have learned to liquidate Mastercard gift cards this could be a great deal if a Staples is nearby. With such a low limit I wait until I am close to a store to buy instead of making a separate trip. Perhaps you can get some while you are out at Officemax, Bed Bath & Beyond or Kroger taking advantage of their Visa gift card deals!

HT: Slickdeals

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  1. Cool your engines ladies and gents.A friend jus called from Staples. No rebate has been printed after 2*$200 purchase. Maybe that rebate is not systemwide yet

  2. I didn’t get a rebate receipt, either, but I filed for an easy rebate anyway and got the “Your rebate is being processed” email.

    It lists the 2 gift cards as the products for the rebate and has the correct rebate offer number, so I’m guessing it’s going through normally…

  3. Bought 2x MC’s this morning.

    Filed the SER, and it says I’m eligible for the rebate.

    Going back for more later this week.


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