New United Airlines MileagePlus “Miles Play” Promotion. Were you Targeted?

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United Airlines MileagePlus Promotion

United Airlines MileagePlus Promotion

Today, United Airlines sent out emails announcing their current promotion, Miles Play. The offer appears to be targeted and the terms varied. Last time United ran this promotion the terms offered and bonus points available seemed differed widely. My offer requires me to book and take one flight in Economy Plus, one time before March 11, 2018 and I will receive 2,000 bonus miles. I must book and take this flight after I register for the promotion. Also, the terms of my offer exclude award flights. Click here to see if you were targeted and the details of your offer.

Promotion Terms

  • You must register for this promotion on or prior to March 11, 2018.
  • Only transactions initiated after registration and completed on or prior to March 11, 2018 will qualify toward satisfaction of offer requirements.
  • You must complete all activity specified in the offer to receive bonus award miles. Partial bonuses will not be awarded.


The last time United did the Mileage Plus Miles Play promotion, the offers varied widely. I’d love to know in the comments if you’re targeted and what your offer is I remember reading about offers less than 1,000 miles and up to 20,000 miles. I’m definitely not going to book a trip just to receive these 2,000 bonus miles, but I would definitely factor the extra miles into my next booking decision.

Fortunately, the MileagePlus program makes it easy to earn miles without flying through credit card bonuses, shopping portals, partner offers and of course the incredibly popular MileagePlusX App. Last year, I did a whole post explaining what the app is and how to use it. If you intend to take advantage of this promotion, make sure you read the terms of your specific offer carefully, as I mentioned earlier, award flights are excluded from my offer.

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  1. Sadly, I’m booking a trip from 3/12-3/18 that won’t qualify, and it’s for a large fare amount, so I wish I had gotten one of the higher offers some people received …. and through the end of March! My offer was for the 1 trip of $200 by 3/11 for 2,000 bonus miles. Didn’t seem like a great offer but, of course, it’s worth quickly clicking through and registering if you had travel plans to book in the date window and United was a good or preferred option. So many other ways to earn MileagePlus miles, but I’d take the extra 2K … not worth planning some travel you didn’t intend to do though.

  2. I fly united regularly, but only between the states and Europe. The $450 is almost exactly half what I regularly pay.

  3. Book 1 trip of $200 or more and receive 7500 bonus miles. Use to fly United a lot (over 750,000 total miles. Stopped flying them over 5 years ago after a bad, bad, bad policy that resulted in them”stealing” over $2000 from me. Too bad I have flown roughly 600,000 miles since then with other airlines.

  4. I’ve got an offer of 25k for 4 trips booked and completed by mid-March. Crazy. I mean, I have been known to do your trips in a month, but I always book early to get the seats I want.

  5. Book and take a trip 2 times by
    March 11, 2018
    to get 20,000 bonus award miles.

    *Each purchased fare must be a minimum of $300 to qualify

    It would be a great offer if the time frame weren’t so short. Are there really people who are in a position to book not one but two paid airline trips in the next 4 weeks on a whim? If I were planning all that travel in the upcoming month I would have booked it already.

  6. No offer for me. I haven’t flown with them in about 2 years, but I do keep my Mileage Plus account active.

  7. Book and take a trip 1 time by March 11, 2018 to get 2,800 bonus award miles. Minimum of $175.
    Darn: already booked a trip.

  8. Nothing for me or my two family members. I have three trips already booked with UAL through June 2018, so maybe they figured there was no need to send me an incentive. Too bad as it would have earned them some good will.

  9. I get an attractive offer for premium travel, to book two trips in a premium cabin (at least $2000 each) to receive 160,000 bonus miles. Unfortunately I won’t meet this in the narrow time frame, but a very nice offer!

  10. Mine is:

    “Book and take a trip 2 times by March 11, 2018 to get 12,000 bonus award miles.” *Each purchased fare must be a minimum of $150 to qualify

  11. I received an offer of fly 2 times and get 11,000 miles. Not bad but by March 11th isn’t really doable for me most likely. I have one United trip scheduled for late February but United isn’t my main go to airline and they don’t have full TSA Precheck at my home airport either (almost all the other airlines have TSA Pre at MCI). Not worth a mileage run either. If they would give me a bit more time I might be tempted to move some of my flying to them.

  12. I received this offer: “Book and take a trip 2 times by March 11, 2018 to get 8,500 bonus award miles.” *Each purchased fare must be a minimum of $175 to qualify


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