You Can Now Book Cruises With United Miles (And Why You Shouldn’t)


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united cruises

United Cruises Launch

United announced today that they are launching a new cruise redemption service. Called United Cruises, the service allows you to use your valuable United miles to pay for cruises.

So you must be wondering what kind of rate they give you for your miles. Do they let you book at 1.5 cents each? How about 1 cent? Well not quite.

After reading their press release, I headed over to the site and searched a few cruises. I then went over to the cruise lines site and compared the price in miles to the price in dollars. Here is what I found.

Norwegian Sky

united cruises
Norwegian Sky four day sailing in United Miles.
united cruises
Norwegian Sky four day sailing in US Dollars.

Carnival Ecstasy

united cruises
Carnival Ecstasy three day sailing in United miles.
united cruises
Carnival Ecstasy three day sailing in US Dollars.

The Math

After doing a number of searches, the math always came out the same. United will allow you to book cruises with your miles for a whopping value of .85 cents per mile. Boo.


While United has now opened up a new way to use their miles for travel, the redemption value of .85 cents each is terrible. I highly recommend against going this route. I much prefer using the Arrival Plus to pay for my cruises.

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  1. Not a great value but if you just have a ton of miles you can’t use it’s way better than I thought. I think either Hyatt or SPG also has a program but it’s worse.

  2. The cruise cost in miles, is it for a cabin of 2 people or price per person? If it is for a cabin for two, sign me up.

  3. Can one person pay with miles, and the 2nd person in the stateroom pay with cash? Or must both book together at the same time, using the same currency type?


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