Update On Kroger Gift Cards Issues – Not As Bad As Initially Thought


Update On Kroger Gift Cards Issues – Not As Bad As Initially Thought

I wanted to give you a quick update on the Kroger gift card changes that affected fuel point and gift card resellers.  It was initially thought that the $500 ban is across all gift cards.  That does not to appear to be the case after getting some more data points.  It appears only Best Buy gift cards are capped at $500 per purchase.  Best Buy cards are the favorite among bulk resellers since they have such a high resell rate but other gift cards are left untouched.  While still a blow to some it is not as big of a blow as we initially thought.

I am hearing that you can purchase more than $500 at a time even if a Best Buy gift card is mixed in there.  It just can not be more than $500 in Best Buy gift cards at one time.  So $1000 in Amazon plus a $500 Best Buy gift card should ring up fine.

This is good news that I wanted to update everyone on.  Hopefully the cap stays with only Best Buy going forward!

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