My Experience Using The Staples Chase Offer – What Works?

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My Experience Using The New Chase Offers System

The Chase Offers program has been rolled out on a few different occasions now.  First it was introduced for the Slate and Marriott cards. Chase dropped that program and offered it only on their Hyatt cards. They ended that program and then a few months later they rolled out their latest installment.

The newest version seems like it is here to stay for a while since they integrated it into the bank’s app.  There have been a few enticing offers since it launched and the best one has been the 30% off of Staples offer.  There is still a little time left on that offer so I thought I would share my data points from using it.

How to Load the Staples Chase Offer

If you are targeted, then this offer will show up on the Chase Offers section of your account. The easiest way to find your offers is to use the Chase app and select a credit card account. Once in the account you’ll see the available offers towards the bottom.

My Experience With The Staples Offer

Since I recently had knee surgery I am pretty much under house arrest which means I could not use this offer in store.  Purchasing in store is the simplest way to use these offers and not have issues since you know they will bill correctly.  Sometimes when you order things online, especially gift cards, they are billed to a third party supplier.  Think of Best Buy and how purchasing gift cards online doesn’t trigger Best Buy Amex offers.

Since there were no restrictions on the Staples 30% offer ruling out the purchase of gift cards it should work as long as it bills correctly.  I decided to purchase $75 worth of Home Depot and $75 worth of Target gift cards.  The rebate is capped at $19 per card and $75 is a close to 100% as I could get when purchasing gift cards online.  If you go in store you could load $63.33 to a variable load gift card to maximize the offer. I ordered e-gift cards since physical ones usually come with a shipping fee on Staples.

The charges posted on January 12th and the credit appeared on January 17th.  So it looks like credits will take around 5 days to post.


This offer ends 1/24/19 so if you haven’t used it yet you still have a few days.  Even if you don’t live near by a Staples you can use it to purchase 3rd party e-gift cards online.  That means there is no excuse not to use it.

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  1. Used my 2 (different Chase accounts) on a $75 ($25 3-pk Whole Foods) & other restaurant cards also totaling $75. Then I used my AMEX 10% on the $200 fee-free VISA that just ended.

    Getting better at this & liking the 17% ttl off merch I will def use or gift.

  2. I had a problem on one I did with my Reserve, but that’s because I had previously loaded the 10% offer. So I had a $6 credit instead of a $19 credit. I used Secure Messages to fix it, and now it’s looking like I might get both $6 and $19 credits!


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