I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane – Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back (Ok, well I sort of do!)

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One of my favorite pictures. Taken out of the back of my car when we began our 18 month journey in 2007.
One of my favorite pictures. Taken out of the back of my car when we began our 18 month journey in 2007.

On Vacation

I hope I have been clear over the years that the main reason I pursue this hobby or game or whatever you want to call it is to travel. For me, travel became an essential part of life the minute we left on our 18 month journey in 2007. Through dozens of memorable trips and visits to over 70 countries, my love of the world has grown.

Of course things have changed as well since that time. As I get older, I cherish the time at home as well as the time on the road. Still, I have been home a little too much this year with all of life’s changes and am glad to be on board a plane headed to a new country and region I haven’t yet visited. I sort of needed this type of trip.

Off to Scandinavia

My son and I are on a flight right now to Sweden. Over the next week we’ll enjoy Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and more! It is tough to leave the girls at home, but Jasmine and I felt Shawn Reece deserved a summer trip. His 15th birthday is in a few days and I have always felt that spending a birthday traveling is a very special thing.

Last year we went to South America where we fell in love with Chile & Colombia. Shawn Reece spent his 14th birthday riding roller coasters in Bogota and walking. We did a lot of walking. This year he’ll be riding coasters, but this time in the picturesque setting of Grona Lund in the middle of historic Stockholm.

Slower to Respond the Next Week

I suppose the point of this post is to let you know that I may be a little slower to respond to comments and emails over the next week or so. You will still find fresh new content everyday, but since I plan to spend as much time as possible away from a computer, I won’t be able to respond as quickly.

You may also see a shift to some more travel related content too. There is no better time to share travel experiences than when they are fresh in your mind. I know some of you only care about the travel hacking stuff, but the other side, the “Memories” side if you will is the most important. With that said, I have lined up a number of my regular type of posts so I hope that it will strike the perfect balance.

The Surprise

Finally, I created a poll a few months ago regarding whether you would fly up front when your kid was in the back. In that post I explained that I was surprising Shawn Reece and told him I was flying up front while he was in economy. Well today I held that surprise until the last minute. Just as he was passing seat 2F on our flight from Las Vegas to Chicago, I let him know. He still doesn’t know about business class from Chicago to London, although I’m sure he suspects.

Thanks for being the best readers in the world!


  1. Enjoy your time with your future Ninja. Train him to become the next Alphabet and to carry on the family torch.

    You will need all the help you can get when your daughter reaches 11+. Thats when your skills will be tested.
    I wish you luck sir.

  2. My mother also encouraged father-daughter getaways. Those memories are very precious to me now. Enjoy making wonderful memories!


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