CVS Stores In Some Areas Are Definitely Still Selling Vanilla Reloads With Credit Cards

A photo of the leaked memo.
A photo of the leaked memo originally posted by @Ringsthecaddy on Twitter.

Note: This post is about Vanilla Reload cards which can be purchased and then loaded on to your Bluebird card to pay bills. If it seems like I am speaking another language, don’t worry.  Just read this post.

Over the past week, many blogs have reported that CVS will stop allowing people to purchase Vanilla Reload cards with a credit card.  The information came from a leaked memo (above) which very clearly says that Vanilla Reloads and a number of other prepaid instruments will become cash only as of March 31.

I have been following this story over the past few days  and some people report that their local store has received the memo while many others have said the opposite. Based on anecdotal evidence, it appears that most of the stores in the U.S. HAVE NOT received the memo.  There are many theories around as to what will happen, but to me it seems most likely that this policy is regional. (The original store where the memo was seen is in Florida.)

My wife just sent me a photo of her haul from this morning.
My wife just sent me a photo of her haul from this morning.

The purpose of this post is to counteract all of the negativity out there.  I have received a report from someone in New York who was able to purchase multiple Vanilla Reload cards with a credit card today.  Since I am out of the country and cannot run down to CVS, my wife agreed to pay a visit this morning. She reports that there haven’t been any changes and she was able to purchase Vanilla Reload cards without any issues.

While we still don’t know how widespread this cash only policy is, for now it is still possible to buy Vanilla Reload cards with credit cards in certain areas of the country.  Let me know in the comments if you have any experiences with this and what area of the country you are in!

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