Interesting Announcement From Virgin Atlantic – What Does it Mean?


Virgin Group & Virgin Atlantic Announce Creation of New Company

Virgin Group & Virgin Atlantic Announce Creation of New Company

I received an email yesterday from Virgin Atlantic making an announcement that the company would be joining forces with Virgin group to form a new company.  There were not a whole lot of details but at first I thought it was a good thing.  As I dug deeper I got a little more skeptical.

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I am a big fan of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club program, especially for booking Delta flights, so my ears perked up with this email.  While there are not a ton of details at this point they did promise that the airline program will stay intact.  And they promised that we will still be able to use our Virgin Atlantic miles on partner airlines, like Delta.

The interesting thing they did not mention is that Delta owns a piece of this new program. That leaves me with a pit in my stomach because I could totally see Delta brass ruining the award chart that I am so fond of.

The positive that I do see with this announcement is the combination of all of the Virgin companies.  I use their phone service so I am selfishly hopeful that starts earning me some miles each month.  Their hotels will be rolled into this program.  That would mean we should be able to earn points that are redeemable for airfare at their new Vegas location, among their other hotels. It should make racking up points easier since they will be under one roof, unless Delta corrupts it that is.


I thought this was a good move until I saw Delta had their hands in the pie.  Hopefully they are the silent partner type.  If I can start racking up miles for cell phone bills and hotel stays I will be one happy camper.  You can read their FAQs here.

Let me know what you think below.

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  1. I guess we can hope, but given Delta’s history, this will not be good.

    On a separate note, where is the place in your picture? At first I thought Miami Beach, but it’s too narrow.


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