Free Shipping on Visa Gift Cards – Today Only!

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visa gift cards free shipping

Free Shipping at

Yesterday I wrote about a couple of negative changes from (Hint: There is some good info in the comments of that post.) First off, they killed a free shipping code that was supposed to be good through the end of the month, but more importantly they raised the fee per card to $6.95.

While there isn’t much I can do about the fee, a reader just sent me a free shipping code that he says is good for today only. Since it will be expiring, I figure it is worth sharing as widely as possible.

Free Shipping Code

By using the code WELCOME921 you can get free first class shipping on up to 3 Visa gift cards per order. Note that first class shipping does not come with tracking, however I have never had an issue. If you try to order more than 3 cards, the system will only allow you to choose priority mail which isn’t covered by the code.

visa gift cards free shipping

With the shipping taken care of, the cost of 3 cards is $1520.85. Not the best overall price, but if you receive a category bonus it might make sense. These cards also come personalized with your name which can be helpful as well. Also, if you have any rewards, then they can be applied towards your total as is shown in the screenshot above.


I know many of you have been asking for a free shipping code that works like the expired ones and here it is! Hopefully it will work longer than just one day, but I have no way to know. Either way I sincerely hope this helps a lot of you, especially if you have some rewards to burn!


  1. submitted 2 of $500 via a amex everyday but got an email from giftcards that amex had declined the trans…. anyone happens to know amex usually does this or something else on giftcards’ end?

    • Could be a fraud alert. Some people have great success getting every order approved (me so far knock on wood) and some people seem to have all of their orders cancelled. It really is hit or miss.

  2. How do they do with ‘volume’? Cancel orders it black list you? Say for 5 orders of 3 gift cards all to same address with the free code…


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