Act Quick! $25 Walmart Gift Card for $10 with NO Apparent Limit (Possible Mistake)


walmart gift card 25 for 10

Update 2: It appears they may have removed the $25 denomination from their website for now.

Update: Apparently this discount is showing on quite a few gift card SKUs including the Safety Walmart Gift Card, Achievement Walmart Gift Card, Balloons Gift Card, Appreciation Walmart Gift Card, Flowers Walmart Gift Card and Health Wellness Walmart gift card. HT: FatWallet

Walmart is offering their $25 “Congrats Text Gift Card” for $10 with no apparent limit. Obviously the normal price of this card is $10 so this is a possible mistake. There is no guarantee your order won’t be cancelled, but it might not hurt to purchase a few.

Shipping varies from $7 for one card to much less per card as you order more. There is also a rush shipping option for about $15.

Take Screenshots

Make sure to take a screenshot of your order confirmation screen since the email you receive won’t have the card denomination on it. After you submit the order the screen that comes up does have the denomination so I would definitely save that.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I got in for 10 but have low expectations. In the past when they ran the Amex offers for $15 off $40 (or something like that), I couldn’t even get them to process a single $40 gift card. Their fraud department seems to be out of control.

  2. Bought 5, and then 60 seconds later refreshed page and it says item not avail. Talk about a buzzer beater! I think this is dead now tho :-/

  3. Tried every style of card around 7pm ET but either got “item not available”, or found that they’ve discontinued the $25 denomination. Moments like this make me feel like refreshing five times a day is just not often enough!

  4. I picked up 50. Confirmation email says 50 @ 10.00 but no denomination. I hope this holds up, I have screen shots of purchase with denomination. Went to buy more but no others are available. They already charged my AMEX. FINGERS CROSSED

  5. I was able to purchase 130 GCs at $10 before “item not available”. Now the waiting begins on whether they honor the deal

  6. In for 50. Received a card not present alert and a thanks for your order email. Will keep you advised.

  7. In for 50. Receipt does not say denomination. Screenshots all do say denomination. Amex charged. Hope this goes through! Fingers Crossed

  8. I ordered 50 eGCs 2x for a total of 100. Took screen shots. Got confirmation emails for both. Then 10 minutes after each order I get this email “Unfortunately, due to an error processing payment information, we have had to cancel the following order.”

    Don’t know if other ppl’s orders will be honored. Fun while it lasted…

  9. I’m in for a lowly 2. Wish I knew how to take a screenshot on my phone :/ Anyway I fully expect them to be canceled or to arrive with only a $10 denomination. I got the physical gcs. Now how to recover my $7 shipping fee??

  10. @Shawn –

    Here’s our latest follow-up, transcript from WalMart chat tonight:

    WalMartCS: I sincerely regret this inconvenience, according our records, your order XXXXXXXXXXXXX is processing and will be shipped within the next 24 hours. Once it has shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation email containing the tracking information and delivery date
    WalMartCS : As a modest compensation, I will process a refund for the shipping charges in your order

  11. My order still says processing. Hoping that the winter storm has just slowed things down. CS said I would get my order after some discussion with a supervisor… But who knows


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