Get a Free Walmart Gift Card (up to $25) if Your Walmart Gift Card Order Was Cancelled


walmart gift card update

Walmart Gift Card Update

The other day I covered a deal for $25 Walmart gift cards for $10. At the time I highlighted that the deal might be a mistake and indeed that appears to be the case. On Saturday my order was cancelled along with the orders of many others.

Thankfully there seems to be a slight sliver of good news among the cancellations. If you hop on chat with Walmart, they will agree to give you a gift card for free. Here is the text from a chat my wife did just a few minutes ago.

I was checking your order information, and I’m sorry, your order was cancelled due to a pricing error, so all the orders are been cancelled, you will be refunded within 7 days to your original payment method. As a one time compensation, we decided to issue a $15 gift card for you, you will get it within 48 hours via e mail.

My wife did push for more compensation, but only $15 was offered. She accepted and then I hopped on the chat. While I was only expecting a $15 gift card offer on my order, the agent proactively offered a $25 gift card, so it seems they have some leeway.

Update: My wife hopped on chat again and was able to get them to increase the offer to $25.

How to Get Your Credit

It seems that this gift card is being offered to everyone, so you just need to ask by hopping on a chat here. I don’t know if you’ll get $15 or $25, but it never hurts to ask. When I did it a few minutes ago the wait was surprisingly less than 1 minute. It may go up, but be patient or try another time. Good luck!

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  1. My order didn’t get canceled yet. Should I hold off until I receive the cancellation and then try to do the chat? Or just do it now?

  2. My order is still in processing mode, but the CS rep in Dallas explained WM is aware of the error and immediately offered $25. He also said my order would have eventually been cancelled and that $25 is all they’re offering (I had politely inquired for more, but was told $25 was the limit). $25 is better than nothing. Thx for the heads-up Shawn!

  3. How did you know your order was canceled? When I check on the status of the order it still shows processing and that it is scheduled to arrive this Wednesday.

    I ordered 10 cards on one order.

  4. My wife and I finally got around to doing this. Both of us had the same experience. Front-line chat rep only offered $15. Told them that it was strange that other people were getting $25 for the same thing. Asked them to check with their supervisor. After a minute or two wait, both got $25. My eGC came within a couple of hours. Waiting on my wife’s.

      • Yeah, it’s interesting that mine came within an hour or two, but my wife’s still hasn’t arrived. They told both of us “up to 48 hours” … but interesting that mine came right away. Anyway, small win on a deal that had about a 1% of working anyway (worth the try!).

  5. Anyone get their 25.00 after speaking with customer service and were told it should be delivered in 48 hours? Haven’t gotten mine yet. I am now past 48 hours.


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