What Still Earns 5X with Chase Ink Business Cards


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What Still Earns 5X with Chase Ink Business Cards

Chase’s Ultimate Rewards may be the most sought after points available today.  Chase offers some of the most rewarding cards out there. None have been more rewarding than the Chase Ink Business line of credit cards.  And Chase Ink Business Plus and Cash cards have been leading that charge.

The Chase Ink Business Plus was discontinued by Chase a few years ago to make way for the Chase Ink Business Preferred.  Many of us still have the Ink Plus since Chase pulled the application but kept the card active.  It was my favorite card for the longest time but nothing has been hit harder over the last 6 months than this card.

The Chase Ink Business Cash card has the same earning structure as the Plus with lower earning caps.

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Chase Ink Business Plus Devaluation

The Chase Ink Plus/Cash cards are a favorite of many, including myself, because of it’s 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards earning capabilities.  You were able to earn 5X UR in a variety of ways, many that were probably coding in error.  These were easy “increase spending” opportunities.

Most of those avenues have dried up recently.  We have lost the following 5X earning partners over the last 6 months:

What is Left?

That brings us to the question of what is still left?  Where can we still earn 5X Ultimate Rewards easily?

Here is a list of the partners that are still earning 5X Ultimate Rewards points:

  • Office stores – Staples and Office Max/Depot are still earning 5X and they are most likely not going anywhere anytime soon.  It is a good place to purchase 3rd party gift cards at 100% cost, like Amazon.  They do have occasional third party gift card sales.  You can also pick up Visa gift cards when they go on sale or at the regular rate.
  • Staples website – This is another option for gift card purchases.  They sell 3rd party gift cards (sometimes at a discount) and Visa gift cards online, unlike Office Max/Depot.  Staples.com is also the best place to source Visa gift cards when they are not on sale.
  • Swych – Swych is a phone app that sells 3rd party full priced gift cards.  They have coded sales every month or so too. Make sure to pay with PayPal for the 5X.
  • Gyft – Gyft is a good place to pick up full cost, 3rd party gift cards since they are pretty much delivered instantly.  Gyft also has the occasional gift card sale. Make sure to pay with PayPal for the 5X.
  • Netflix/Hulu/Sirius – this is just a reminder that these memberships earn 5X – no MS here though.


It is getting down to slim pickings and that has knocked the Ink Plus off of my favorite card perch.  That probably goes to the Blue for Business Plus by American Express now.

While there isn’t as much meat on the bone anymore there are still some opportunities to be had.  Make sure you are using all avenues while you can because who knows when the next one will fall!


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  1. i’m sure there is a comprehensive list on ft somewhere. but Tmobile.com and us mobile and all cell phone companies still code 5x

    • They do for sure – this was more about increased spending opportunities. I should have made that more clear.

  2. I have to call in to downgrade (already tried by SM). Really hate to do it but it’s not worth the AF. We’re not in a position to travel much anyways so what may happen is I accumulate UR and perhaps upgrade down the road if or when the time is right and cash in the rewards at better than 1cpp.

  3. Hi Mark, I would like to ask you a very frank question since I have been following your MS strategies for a while now with interest. How much cash do you generate annually (net) from gift card buying/reselling?

      • Nice…extrapolated is $3k/yr but those numbers certainly imcrease rapidly during holiday season/specials.

        My own observation to Dave’s response (below) is to use SPG AMEX for non-bonus spend. MRs (BfB) are great for airline tix redemptions but NOT hotel redemptions – awful because MRs accumulate quickly for airline purchases (5x MR) but just don’t redeem fluidly for good hotel stays. SPG points on the other hand can also be easily transferred to airlines if needed, along with a nice bonus.

        I think both free hotel stays AND free airline tix are the optimal mix for a starter portfolio. Doesn’t help much to get a cheap/free tkt to Iceland, for instance, with no help on $400/nght rooms! Points stagnate & age if BOTH sides of the travel equation aren’t met.

        • Agree that you need a mix. I get most of my hotel points from sign up bonuses and try to focus my spend on airline miles/cash back.

  4. Not sure why anyone would pick the Blue for Business over the Ink Plus. I have both and rarely see any reason to use the Blue. Particularly now that Open is dying!
    I have yet to see a decent Amex offer on the BfB, while there have been a few good Visa offers. I am a reseller and the office supply 5% is killer. Whether I buy merch or G/C, the UR points convert to cash easily. The MR points are cumbersome. The Simply Cash and Blue cash are much better options than the BfB.
    Of course that’s why they make Chocolate and Vanilla, glad the card works for someone!

    • What do you use for non bonus spend Dave? It is the best card out there for non bonus spend in my opinion.

      • Could you clarify non-bonus? Do you mean not calendar quarter based, single store or store category (like grocery/office/Amazon)? I buy a lot of G/C, but all for organic spending. I prefer a 2% card with no redemption minimum for daily spend. And a debit card or two, though the PPBDC has lost its appeal and the Redbird/Serve are dead. I don’t do traditional MS.
        The Visa is accepted everywhere, I never have to worry about acceptance. I can barely spend my MR points that I earn.

        • I meant places that don’t traditionally earn bonus points like car repair, medical bills etc. sounds like you use a 2% cash back card for that.

          But if MR’s are not valuable/easy to use for you then it wouldn’t be a good fit. But most people would get 3% back (or more) from the 2 MR’s the card earns on non bonused spend.

  5. Mark, want you to know too that Capital One just allowed me to upgrade my ancient card with them to a Savor, 3x cash back on dining. Great news for some good cash back on bonus spend with no AF, no point expirations, no caps, & no hassles with redemptions. Can (obviously) do the same/better with my CSR but finally able to put a decrepit credit line to some addtl use besides just increasing the age of my credit history. Might be a workable strategy for other Cap 1 acct holders, thx.

  6. can you please elaborate on why you think Staples.com is the best place to get visa gift cards that are not on sale ?

    • Max $300 cards with 8.95 fee(about 3%) instead of max $200 cards with 6.95 fee(about 3.5%).

      Also you can buy up to 6 cards in one order ($2k max order). Try doing that at Staples and you get stares.

      Plus, you know, the lazy factor… Online shopping vs b&m.

    • Pretty much what Mikey said. Lower cost, bigger cards, easier to purchase and drain. Only in terms of earning 5x though.

  7. Sadly, who knows if Staples will continue to have gift cards in sale now that they have gotten rid of rebates.

  8. I have the Chase Ink Business Plus — still getting 5% on the internet, phone, and cable TV. Which is the main reason I have this card. Occasionally use it for office supplies.

    • Do you surpass 25K per year? If not why not downgrade it to the cash unless you don’t have a CSP or CSR?

  9. I’m relatively new at this, but have Inc Business Preferred and Inc Cash to get the 5x; you mention using Paypal to buy at Gyft and Swych; how exactly is this done? Thanks for the columns!

    • Gyft you can buy online and just chose PayPal when checking out and pay with your ink cash card. Swych is a app you need to download on your phone and you can choose PayPal to check out.

      • Thanks very much for the tip- has been working well. Please let us know if there are other ways PayPal can be used in this manner. Since it codes as utility, would it also get a bonus (though only 3x) on Inc Business Preferred?

  10. Mark,
    When you talk about purchasing GC from Gyft you say to “make sure to pay with PayPal for the 5X.” I probably missed it somewhere but how is Paypal getting me 5x UR points?

    • You have to check out via paypal when using your ink card on gyft. It codes the purchase as a utility where paying directly does not.


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