Chase Confirmation on World of Hyatt Credit Card Upgrade Details

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World of Hyatt Credit Card Upgrade Details Confirmed

World of Hyatt Credit Card Upgrade Details Confirmed

Last week I wrote that there were a lot of conflicting reports on what happens if you take the World of Hyatt credit card upgrade offer.  After the article posted a Senior Communications employee with Chase reached out to clarify the details on World of Hyatt credit card upgrades.

Upgrade Details

The Chase employee confirmed that your anniversary date will remain the same.  This means that you will receive your anniversary category 1-4 “free” night at the same time as you have in the past.  If you are 6 months into your cardmember year you can upgrade and you will not have to wait a full year to get your anniversary night.

They also confirmed that this means you could have a shortened period to reach the $15,000 in spend for the additional free night certificate.  If you do reach the $15,000 in spend the extra free night will be issued 2-3 weeks after the spending is complete.  They will not wait till the cardmember anniversary to issue that free night, like some others do. Spend on the old Hyatt credit card done so far this year will also not count.


The policy is pretty much what I expected.  It wouldn’t make sense the change the cardmember anniversary to match the upgrade date.

The shortened time from for the $15,000 in spend shouldn’t really change your decision. If you waited to upgrade until your anniversary date you couldn’t earn the free night anyway.  At least you have a chance to earn the free night if you upgrade.  Although, it could save you a few dollars to wait (prorated $20 annual fee increase).

People have also reported that the 5 elite night credits have been posting right away in case that figures into your decision at all.  That will help the people who end up mattress running at the end of the year to reach status.


  1. Sorry…meant to say I can UPGRADE my card now, get my free anniv night now instead of Oct, & get another free night next Oct, correct? (am mixing up the sign-up bonus with the upgrade bonus!)

    • I think you are mixing up the anniversary bonus and the $15K in spend bonus which comes a few weeks after hitting the spend.

      You would get your annual free night in October still. If you could spend 15K on the card before October you could get another free night.

  2. So if I upgrade now, & I am 9 months into my cardmember year ending October, I will get my anniv night NOW (July) instead of at 12 months? But for next year my free night reverts to my original cardmember anniv month of October?

    Might make a difference for upgrading if I can get my free night sooner. Then if the 2k bonus doesn’t reset the click for the 24-month rule, I can cancel the old card & be on my way to getting the anniv night on the WOH card.

  3. “If you are 6 months into your cardmember year you can upgrade and you will not have to wait a full year to get your anniversary night.”

    Mark, can you please clarify if upgrading programs “resets” the anniversary date, or not? Also, is there any indication of how long the enhanced new account bonus might last? Thanks

    • You keep the same anniversary date as your current Hyatt card according the Chase Senior Communications employee.

      I am not sure on how long the bonus will last. I am sure they will give a few weeks notice before it ends but no guarantee there.

    • Yes you still get the one every year on your anniversary but the new card gives you a chance to earn a 2nd one if you spend $15,000 in your cardmember year.

      • Mark,

        By “cardmember” year, you mean the year that starts on the anniversary date, correct?

        This is unlike the $15,000 in spend for a free night with the Hilton Aspire, that is a calendar year? (sorry if I’m confusing the issue)

        • Yes it goes by your anniversary date. So if you signed up for your original Hyatt card on October 1st then you would have Oct 1- Sept 30 each year to complete the spend.

  4. Its baffling how bad these situations are handled. Chase phone reps are continuing to tell folks that an upgrade initiates a new anniversary date. How hard is it to circulate a memo with a few bullet points?


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