My $100 Surprise in Las Vegas Thanks to Wyndham


Wyndham Total Rewards Partnership

Surprise Perk from Wyndham/Total Rewards Partnership

I was in Las Vegas over the holiday weekend for Zork Fest and a Miles to Memories team meet up, well except for Danny since he doesn’t like us :).  While I was there I went to the Total Rewards desk to get a new players card printed and I was met with a nice surprise.  I was told I had a $100 celebration dinner to use.  This left me confused for a while but I ended up figuring it out later.

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How I “Earned” the $100 Celebration Dinner

You get a $100 Celebration Dinner for earning Diamond status during the calendar year.  Once it is earned it is good until January 31st of the following year. I earned mine early on last year and had already used it so I was confused. Plus it was way past the expiration date.  The Total Rewards agent told me I had earned the $100 dinner in February.  Now I was really confused!

I haven’t even reached Platinum status via my play this year.  The endless string of devaluations, and limiting lounge access (which I still have for this year), and removing aspiration levels etc. really killed my enthusiasm for anything Total Rewards.  I was gonna let my status expire.

Then I remembered that I had matched Total Rewards Diamond status to Wyndham Diamond.  There is a small window each year where you can status match between the two programs to extend Diamond with Total Rewards.  I figured I should get this set up in case I didn’t earn any status with them this year.

A few months back I matched Total Rewards Diamond to Wyndham Diamond.  I guess by doing that it status matched back the other way too? Total Rewards registered me as earning Diamond status again this year because of it.  That would be why I was issued the $100 dinner.

I confirmed this with someone else at Zork Fest who had the same thing happen.  A nice little perk of the relationship the two have.

I should even receive 6,000 free points for being a Wyndham Diamond member at the end of the year which transfers to Total Rewards and can get me $60 in food and drinks in Vegas!

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Just a reminder to take advantage of all reciprocal programs/partnerships when you can.  Even if you don’t think it will be of value you may be surprised.  For doing this simple status match I earned a $100 dinner, should get 6,000 free points, and should be able to get Diamond status again next year in both programs.  That is what I call stacking program perks right there!


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  1. I don’t have diamond, but I’ve been matching platinum back and forth for a while now. I had originally gotten platinum with the Total Rewards Credit Card a couple years ago. Since Total Rewards goes through Jan 31st of the next year, I match to Wyndham in January, and then match back to Total Rewards to extend status another year. Seems like it’s a loophole that hasn’t been closed yet. Maybe I should try to reach Diamond this year and see how long I can keep the loop going.

    • Yes it is nice that there is a month of hangover to get it matched back and forth. Hopefully they keep it open for a long time 🙂

    • Hopefully it matches to 2020 so you can use the free dinner and a possible trip to the Bahamas 🙂


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