How To Re-link your Hyatt & Mlife Status: You May Have Been Downgraded on October 1


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hyatt mlife status match

Re-Up Your Hyatt Mlife Status Match

One of the cooler partnerships we have in the loyalty space is the one between Hyatt and Mlife. While I don’t feel Mlife lives up to Hyatt’s level of quality and service in most cases, the benefits can be decent and are definitely welcome.

Mlife is a strange program in that elite status is earned based on something called tier credits. Instead of resetting these at the end of the calendar year, Mlife does this on October 1. They also reset elite status at this time. This means if you didn’t re-qualify for your current tier, then you are downgraded to what you qualified for.

The other day I logged into my Mlife account to find that I had been downgraded to the second to bottom tier called Pearl. Thankfully though my Hyatt Diamond status took care of that and I was once again upgraded to Platinum after re-opting in on their status match website.

As a reminder, here are the tiers you qualify for as a Hyatt elite:

hyatt mlife status match

This means that even if you have Hyatt Platinum status through their co-branded credit card (my review) then you will be Mlife Gold and of course Hyatt Diamond members are matched to Platinum. You can find the various benefits attached to each tier here.

How to Match

To match your Hyatt elite status to Mlife, simply follow the opt-in instructions on this page. In my experience the link up is automatic and takes less than two minutes to complete. Once in Vegas, don’t forget to visit the Mlife desk at any property to get a card that matches your new tier.


Theoretically your Hyatt and Mlife accounts are supposed to stay matched so you don’t have to keep doing this every year, however that doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone. I am glad I logged into my Mlife account to see I had been downgraded, because I sort of like having Platinum status even if it doesn’t mean a whole lot in the end.

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  1. […] Sad panda. The points are gone. Tier Credits no more. But the tier I earned is now my tier for the new year until I earn more points to upgrade, or downgrade based on a lack of play. Also note that this reset has had no impact on my EXPRESS COMPS or POINTplay credits. Mlife’s system is straightforward if seemingly unfair. Make a tier level by October, it’s yours for the rest of the year, don’t make it back and you get downgraded to wherever you don’t want to be (possibly) and zeroed out. It’s not the best game in the world, but I’ll take it over the mysteries of programs like Grazie or Wynn’s Red Card which I’m pretty sure is only explained in ancient Sanskrit. For those who get their Mlife status via the Hyatt Partnership (status match), you might want to review “How To Re-link your Hyatt & Mlife Status.” […]

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I cancelled my Chase Hyatt months ago, however I am still showing Platinum with Hyatt so I matched my tier to M-Life Gold (I was downgraded on 10/01). If skipping the MGM check-in line was the only benefit, then this would still be a great thing to have!


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