Uber Launches Incredible Flat Fare Pricing Packages: Is It Too Good to be True?


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Uber Flat Fare Pricing

Uber Flat Fare Pricing

Uber is launching flat-fare pricing in select cities around the country. Basically, you pay an activation fee and then you get a select number of rides around the city for the next 30 days.

Here is the pricing:

Need to Know

  • Each city is a bit different, but you pay an activation fee based on the number of rides you want. Ride packages differ by city but can range from 10-40 rides.
  • Airports are excluded.
  • The flat fares are good for a trip up to a certain amount that varies by city. If you go above that amount, then you pay the flat fee total plus any amount you go over the average.


This is a great deal if you use Uber often. Since you can only buy one pass at a time, you can only lock in these prices for 30 days. My guess is that Uber is pricing these low to start and plans to raise the price later. The activation fee generally works out to $.50 per ride, which is negligible.

New to Uber?

If you are new to Uber you should be able to get a free ride for signing up with the code UBERMILESTOMEMORIES or using this link.

What are your thoughts? Do you plan to take advantage of this new deal.

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  1. Not sure if I trust Uber. I live in LA, have this package deal and have already had multiple issues. For starters, if the prices are “surging” the app will NOT alert you to the fact that you will be paying significantly more. Two days ago I was quoted at $28.82 but was shocked to discover that I was billed $43.57. When given a fare breakdown I was told that with the surge (that I wasn’t alerted to) my fare should have actually been $69.58 but by deducting the $30 flat fare amount and adding on the $4.49 flat fare fee the total was brought down to $43.57 (doesn’t add up). Except the LA flat fare limit is $25, not $30, and the fee is supposed to be $3.99, not $4.49. Which means I actually paid less than I was supposed to, but more than I wanted to, and don’t forget that I haven’t factored in the cost of the initial package deal. So basically I have to wonder who is doing the math at Uber and if these mysterious surge fares are invented out of thin air in order to make their math work in their favor. Lost a bit of trust in Uber this week. Hope they gain my trust back by explaining things in the next email.

    • I’ve never had to pay the surge which was not reported up front. I always send a complaint back to uber indicating the issue and they recalculate without the serge meaning I only owed what the original flat rate was supposed to be.

  2. I’ve just started using the flat fare here in San Francisco. The rates are now $2.99 for Pool and $6.99 for X, which is still an excellent price point. Taken 10 trips so far and all locked in at either of those price points, except for one time where it wanted to charge me $10 something for “overage” but I just tried it about 5 minutes later and it returned to the flat fare amount. So far it’s saving me a lot of cash.

  3. I bought the flat rate fare 20-ride package deal here in LA and looked forward to $1.99 rides. The problem was, not a single ride was priced at the flat-rate fare. I e-mailed Uber support and went back and forth with them – each time the rep completely dismissed me and marked the issue as resolved. I sent screenshots showing where the rides were (within the LA “zone” nowhere near LAX) and how much was charged.
    I calculated that they owe me ~$92. After this communication went on for month and a half with no adjustment or resolution, they again marked the issue as RESOLVED and stated that they cannot adjust fares over 30 days old.


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