Newegg Selling Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards at a Discount


20% Off Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards at Newegg

20% Off Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards at Newegg

Newegg is selling discounted Dunkin Donut gift cards. You can net a 20% savings.

The Offer

Newegg is selling $25 Dunkin Donut Gift Cards for $20. There’s a limit of 2 per account. We also covered a deal on Nike gift cards that’s still around. You can check out the details here.


This is a decent deal but with low limits and a modest savings. It will give you a good discount for personal use. You could also try going through a portal for some more cashback, although I don’t think gift card purchases at Newegg have been tracking lately. Some poeple report the purchases tracking through the Chase UR portal.

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  1. For personal use, wouldn’t it be better to use Masterpass to reload a DD account, since a $10 reload gets an immediate $5 bonus (at least thru August, I think)? Just my 2 cents …

    • Yo ABC – I just wanted to give some props on that heads up. I am not sure how I missed this deal, but even limited to once a day, per account, it’s incredible… it’s good thru AUG 31 midnight EST.
      I will be loading $10 a day (started today) and the $5 credit hit immediately.

      The only issue is that there are terms where the max gift card balance can only be $100… likely you can get around this by linking multiple GCs to perks account, but will know in 10 days 🙂

      Thanks again!

      • This deal has been up on SlickDeals since day 1.

        You can load up to $125 onto a card. If you’re above $115, you won’t get the bonus on a load. You can add additional cards and load them with the Masterpass for the offer.

        • Again, not sure how i missed it… but thanks for that info… saves me a load without bonus.

          Really appreciate it sechs!


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