Potential Class Action Claims False Advertising for Air France Premium Economy

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Air France Premium Economy class action

Potential Lawsuit Claims False Advertising for Air France Premium Economy

A new lawsuit claims that Air France has been misrepresenting its Premium Economy Class cabin that it offers on intercontinental flights. Air France advertises seats in the Premium Economy cabin as having “40% More Space” compared to the Economy Cabin.

“Since 2009, the Premium Economy cabin has been offering customers a new more comfortable way of travelling for business or pleasure at affordable prices, in a separate cabin. The seat offers 40% more space than Economy Class and has won over, close to, 2.5 million customers since its launch,” Air France says in its marketing materials.

The seats in the Economy cabin have a 32-inch seat pitch. Seat pitch is measured from the same point on two seats in adjacent rows. The Premium Economy seat pitch is 38 inches, according to the Air France Premium Economy class action lawsuit. As for width, the Premium Economy seats are 19 inches wide, only two inches wider than the Economy cabin seats.


The lawsuit is in its first steps. If you purchased an Air France Premium Economy ticket or upgraded to Premium Economy while traveling on an intercontinental flight in the last two years, you may qualify to join this Air France lawsuit or class action lawsuit investigation.

For now you can just join the list of customers with a potential claim here. You will be contacted by an attorney. You can also just wait it out and most likely if the lawsuit goes through, you will be able to file a claim.


  1. I just redeemed flying blue miles for premium economy seats on Air France. I wonder if that counts? The seat was pretty uncomfortable imho.

  2. Just using seat pitch and seat with, I get 33% more space (by area or volume, holding height constant).

    Assuming the armrests are also bigger, there’s going to be an additional volumetric gain that wouldn’t need to be exceptional to make the 40% claim true. The additional area is 12 square inches just using pitch at +6 and width at +2 and so each square inch yields about 2.5% by area (or volume, holding other space equal).

    This is a dumb lawsuit and perhaps Air France should leave well enough alone and call it 33% more space! But when they show the total volume of a seat using some liquid volume measurement, they’re probably going to win anyway. Or at least they should.


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