Is Nonstop Fun Really Possible on Allegiant? The Answer will Surprise You


Allegiant Nonstop Fun Center

Is Nonstop Fun Really Possible on Allegiant? The Answer will Surprise You

As much as I kinda love Spirit, and have never had an issue with Frontier I can not say that I have ever flown Allegiant. My sister has and she says it is about the same as the others and has always had a good experience.  But when I saw Allegiant’s latest creation I have to say I was befuddled, bemused, and overall taken aback.  Allegiant has opened an Allegiant nonstop fun center in Michigan.

A What? Allegiant Opened…Huh?

Exactly, I thought what the H..E..double hockey sticks is this when I first saw it.  It looks like a Dave & Buster’s but bigger.  I just don’t get the thinking on this from Allegiant’s perspective.  Why have an airline’s name attached to a family fun center?  It may be a weird partnership but I have to say I am curious to check it out.

It appears there are 3 locations currently.  One in Metro Detroit (Warren), one near Salt Lake City, and the final one is in Fort Wayne Indiana.  The truly crazy thing is Allegiant doesn’t even fly out of DTW.  It does fly out of Flint (an hour or so north) but not Detroit’s airport.

Why I Am Willing to Check it Out

I think I will take the kids there to see what this is all about.  I am pretty sure it will be like any other family, arcade type thing I have been to but I am curious none the less.  My kids love places like this. Who am I kidding, I love places like this too!

They have some pretty good promotions right now as well.  I received $10 in free play just for signing up for their email and they have an all day pass Mondays-Wednesdays for $25. It includes:

  • VR Rides
  • Go-Carts
  • Toddler Area
  • Bumper Cars
  • Laser Tag
  • Mini Golf
  • Climbing Wall

That is a lot of value right there.

Allegiant Nonstop Fun Center


While I don’t get Allegiant’s thinking on partnering with these family centers I look forward to checking it out.  If someone else has some insight on what they are doing here please let me know in the comments.  I may never fly Allegiant but I think I will give nonstop fun a try.


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  1. This reminds me of when Marriott owned Great America, the local Six Flags here in Chicagoland. It was called “Marriott’s Great America.”

  2. Allegiant started flying to Anchorage from Bellingham WA. 3 flights per week. Was thinking about it till I saw they charge extra for everything. By the time I added the extra charges they were on par with Alaska who I usually fly with. No thanks, I will stick with AS and Dave and Busters.


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