Amazon 20% Discount with Amex Points It’s Now Even Better

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Amazon 20% Discount with Amex Points It’s Now Even Better

In early July we covered one of the better deals of the year for those who are targeted. 20% off just about anything at Amazon?!? It’s an incredible deal and it is still available somehow. In fact, some people have been able to do it multiple times. Now, it is even better on some items.

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Doctor of Credit is reporting that on some items sold by Amazon, the discount is even more than 20%. That’s because the 20% discount is applying to the original price of a discounted item. Sometimes resulting in 30-40% off.

So if an item was $100, and it is now discounted to $60, then the 20% discount still applies to original price, giving you $20 off. This is working with so many of the great deals in our Master Post.

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If there’s any readers out there that have yet to take advantage of the 20% promo, then definitely test this out if you’re jumping on Amazon Prime Day deals today. Also let us know if you see any items that show the better discount.


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