(ERROR) American Airlines Just Made Using Their Miles Easier!

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American Airlines Just Made Using Their Miles Easier
The plane I flew from Cohin to Doha, Qatar.

American Airlines Just Made Using Their Miles Easier!

UPDATE: American says this was in error but they are working on setting it up for their customers.  I won’t hold my breath.

Using American Airlines AAdvantage miles is not always easy. Their online searching tool doesn’t have all their partners and also doesn’t show all award space or shows phantom award space for some airlines.

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But now, they have taken a step in the right direction by adding more partner options to their online award searching and booking. You can now book the following airlines online:

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The process is not as easy as it should be though. American Airline’s website doesn’t seem to show award space if the route you’re searching only has availability on the partner airline non-stop. It also doesn’t show award space for long haul travel departing from the U.S.

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This should make the booking process a bit easier for most people, but it still seems far from perfect. On the other hand it might be bad news for those with tons of experience in the miles and points world, since more people will be able to grab limited awards seats.

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  1. I wish they keep it the way it is so the uneducated masses will stay unaware that they can redeem AA miles on the many partners that do not show up on search results.

  2. I thought you can book the Qantas online as we did in 2016. By the way in 2012 when I booked flight to Vietnam, I had to call them and I have to pay for a fees even I could not book online.


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