Purchase 2,000 American Airlines Miles For 1/2 A Cent Each With Rover Promo

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American Airlines Rover Promo

Purchase 2,000 American Airlines Miles For 1/2 A Cent Each With Rover Promo

I received an email from American Airlines and Rover talking about their partnership.  American Airlines members can earn 1 point per dollar for all Rover bookings (even current Rover members).  They are also offering a new member bonus of 2,000 miles after your first Rover booking.  That got me to thinking, is this a cheap way you could purchase a few thousand miles?

Details of the Promotion

The link to the promotional page is here. Here are the details of the promotion:

  • Sign up for Rover and get 2,000 AAdvantage®miles after your first Rover walk or stay is complete. (Already have a Rover account? Enter your AAdvantage® number here.)
  • Get one AAdvantage® mile for every dollar spent on future Rover bookings.
  • Watch the AAdvantage® miles add up! Your miles will be added to your AAdvantage®account within 60 days of your Rover service being completed.
  • Offer ends December 3, 2021.

I started digging around the Rover site to see what kind of options there were and I found a few bookings for as low as $10.  There may have been some cheaper options since I didn’t dig too far.  The terms say that any service booked should trigger the bonus.  That is like purchasing 2,000 miles for $10, not a bad deal.


This isn’t the biggest deal since it is capped at 2,000 miles but I thought it was a fun way to look at the offer.  If you have a pet and could use the service then even better.  It is a good option if you want to extend the life of your miles or if you are a few thousand short for an upcoming trip.  Especially if you don’t have a credit card that can do that for you, although that is coming to an end soon here anyway.


  1. Do NOT use Rover. They do no stand behind their service providers. We used them a little over a year ago to arrange for an in home house/dog sitter for a week over Thanksgiving The assumption was that a company would stand behind the service if there was a problem.

    Let me just say it was a disaster and we came home to a pee soaked house and destroyed kitchen appliances. Rover’s response was that we had to take that up with the service provider directly.


    • That sounds horrible Michael and I am surprised they don’t have anything in place for things like this. Thanks for letting us know.


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