American Express Made My Morning! Well Kinda, Sorta, I Guess???

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American Express Made My Morning

American Express Made My Morning! Well Kinda, Sorta, I Guess???

I have read about American Express reaching out to people over the last several months to let them know they made an error on properly issuing points.  Usually this involves points not posting properly for referrals or spending bonuses etc. I have never been one of the lucky few so when I saw this email this morning I was immediately excited.

American Express Made My Morning

But Wait, Where Are the Details?

This sounds great and all but where are the deets?  What was this for and for how many points?

You guys know I have a love hate relationship with American Express.  I called them the least transparent lender these days then they blacklisted me with the dreaded pop up.

This time around I figured, no big deal, they will have the info I am looking for on chat.

Chat Agents are in the Dark Too?

Telling people they are getting points but not telling them for what or for how much isn’t a thing is it?  Are they taking being not transparent to a whole new level or what?  There is no way that they send out an email like that without an amount being on my profile, right?  If it is a 20,000 point mistake that would be amazing, but if it is 500 points then I am getting excited about nothing.  And I really want to be getting excited about something so I reached out to my old friend Amex Chat.

I knew that the chat peeps would be able to set me straight.  They could tell me if I was going to be points filthy rich or getting less than a snickers bar.  Here is what they had to say:

American Express Made My Morning American Express Made My Morning

Sooooo Your Company Doesn’t Know What It Knows?

Does anyone else find this kinda crazy?  You send out an email to someone essentially saying we screwed you over but we are going to make it better without telling them the what and how much?  That is customer service at it’s finest right there!  Why send out the email at all, why not wait until the points actually post and then tell me what they were for?  I mean I didn’t know that I was screwed over up until this point so you could have kept the cat in the bag until you could properly inform me of the situation.

Final Thoughts

I know that I am complaining about something that is overall a good thing. American Express admitted fault and said they would fix it, that is good.  But I also think this is a wonky way to go about fixing a problem that they created on their own.

If you messed up posting my points just tell me for what and for how much in the email.  Or better yet just post them and send the email after they are on my account.  But to send it out without any info is kind of frustrating and just another thing I need to track to make sure it is properly dealt with.  Except if it isn’t dealt with properly I don’t even know what it should be and neither do the people that work at American Express it appears.


  1. I made ~15K in Walmart NM purchases in March and got credited 3x per $ whereas it should’ve been 6 points. Made a complaint and after 60 days they say “3x is correct”. Filed a complaint with CFPB and then this email came in and missing 45K points were actually already posted in my account at the end of May (I disabled autoupdate on AwardWallet on Hilton for a month so I didn’t know).

  2. hey Mark, you mentioned blacklisted by amex; an arbitration against amex got blacklisted for sure; i did post earlier this yr on the private group about a housemate was unfairly denied for hilton cc SUB pts despite the SUB was previously confirmed by amex reps; since then, the housemate was not eligible for any upgrade to another hilton cc despite putting consistent spend on amex CCs so far this yr, whereas others (fam & furends) all got approved for upgrade; of course, the pop-up msg did come on as well for new appl

  3. I received a “Credit for AMEX Error” back in April on my Aspire. No explanation given, & I hadn’t disputed anything. I called but they couldn’t tell me, very strange but it stuck.


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