(Amazon Competitor) Amex Offer: $20 off $50+! Act Fast to Load!


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I’m coming to you late at night to talk about a very good Amex Offer that has been released for Amazon competitor Let’s take a look!

The Offer

Get a one-time $20 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend a minimum of $50+ in one or more transactions online at or on the mobile app by 1/31/16.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid only for purchases made online at or on the mobile app.
  • Offer only available in the US and its outlying territories.
  • Offer subject to shipping policies and restrictions of the merchant which are available at

How to Load

This offer may be available on the Amex website, however I am not able to confirm that since it is already loaded on all of my cards. I know for sure that the offer can be loaded via Twitter by tweeting #AmexJet from a linked card.


This is a pretty amazing offer considering it gives 40% off at a website like which carries a wide variety of merchandise. was launched earlier this year as a competitor to Amazon, so as you can imagine they carry a lot of very desirable merchandise both for personal use and for reselling. For that reason I suspect this Amex Offer will reach its capacity sooner rather than later!


I highly suggest loading this offer as soon as possible since I believe it will be very popular. At worst this equates to 40% off everyday goods and at best it presents and opportunity to save some serious money across a number of Amex cards. Happy saving!

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  1. Shawn,

    I posted the below comment on DoC but no one replied yet. Do you have any idea what I can do?

    There’s definitely a problem with this offer. Earlier I received the “already enrolled” message on all of my accounts on Twitter. I just added one of my cards to Facebook to view my offers. Jet is NOT listed as added and is NOT on the available list. When I try to tweet again nothing happens. Does anyone have any advice?

    • I agree something screwy is going on. A lot of people have reported not getting replies when tweeting and I just checked my Serve card and it isn’t listed there despite me getting a response.

      The only cards I see it verified on are 1st party issued cards. Hopefully it will work itself out. I don’t know what else to say at this point.

      • For your Serve was the response that the offer was added or that you were “already enrolled”. I got the latter reply on all of my cards this morning.

  2. It’s a great offer and I’ll be doing my best to find items we need and bulk up. They unfortunately don’t carry gift cards so that’s out of the question.

    While reselling is an option I know from the horses mouth they’re very vigilant about preventing reseller’s and multi accounting from happening and will come down with the banhammer without warning. Many examples of this can’t be found online (try Slickdeals). It sucks too because there’s items that after Amazon FBA would yield a 28% net profit margin and are listed as #1 seller in its category. Not worth losing my account over though.

    @Shawn if you haven’t looked into Jet Cash using their portal you should. Our stay at Disneyland was booked through and their Cashback rate of 14% was double the next highest offer. Yes, it’s in Jet cash but given the fact many items are already the lowest price found online you’re not really losing any value since you’d be placing orders anyways. While you do have to FWD your order confirmation to Jet in some cases (like the hotel reservation) it’s actually reassuring to get a confirmation of pending jet cash within 10 minutes of placing the reservation. I’ve had bookings through the reliable TCB not track properly so having in writing that my cashback is pending and confirmed is pretty cool. As an avid shopper I know you’ll appreciate that!

  3. Made my first order, had a 20% coupon.

    In the end my order came out to $51 and change. I already received emails from amex(card not present alerts) and there were split charges of ~$40 and ~$11. I have had this happen on Amazon once, in fact, it was in compliance with the spend $60 get $15 back. There were split charges in that instance but I still received the statement credit. I have not however received an email from Amex stating that I used an offer for (usually comes promptly, at least as of late. And, i’m posting this within 10 minutes of placing the order)

    Two things: Can someone chime in as why these purchases(my and Amazon purchases) ring up as two transactions? Again, I was sent two emails for “card not present” to but i only placed one order(two amounts equaled my order sum).

    Secondly, after placing my order on it said something along the lines of “these order prices may not be 100% reflective of true prices.” Something really strange where I read into as “my prices could still change even though I already placed the order.” Yes, very strange. Anyone familiar with what I am saying? The message was shown immediately after placing my order, the page stating I would receive a confirmation email.

    • ok, im a bit of a moron and still had the webpage open. This was the statement I was referring to: “Packing slips from Jet Trusted Retailers may include varying prices for individual items that do not reflect these order level savings.”

      And, I understand that after further reading. 🙂

    • Your jet order is most likely being fulfilled by different merchants. That ice chest and lightbulbs are from Home Depot and the baby wipes and laundry detergent most likely Walmart or Toys r Us.

  4. While this may be a lucrative offer, folks must realize that carries no inventory. They are essentially drop shippers, but from many other Web sites as opposed to a wholesaler. There is no deal they can find that you can’t.
    Take the free money, just wanted to clarify their operation for those who think they are like Amazon.

    • Having ordered from Jet since the first day beta testing began I’m here to tell you that your comments just aren’t true. For a site that carries no inventory I sure do have a lot of things around the house bought from them. From baby wipes to pressure washers to Costco Kirkland branded minced garlic.

      I assure you that I’m as savvy to finding the best deals on items as they come and dozens of times Jet has been the lowest price. Yes, you’ll find items that go in and out of stock and like Amazon there’s some algorithm for price fluctuations but that doesn’t preclude the fact that when you do find items in stock that in many cases you’re finding the best price online ( or anywhere locally). So no, in many circumstances I’ve not been able to find better deals elsewhere. In two cases $30+items on the front page of Slickdeals were more expensive than what was found on Jet.

      As with credit card offers and in my overall shopping strategy, I’m only as loyal as the price or value. If something is cheaper on Amazon that’s where I’m buying it. If Staples price matches and I have gift cards that’s where I’m going. If Jet has the cheapest baby diapers and wipes you can guess who I’m buying from.

      To suggest they aren’t like Amazon is, quite honestly, a silly comment. Of course they’re different in many respects but the point is, as a consumer, they’re competitors and as such the consumer will price check both sites and weigh their options such as 2 day shipping or order minimums, which they both have.

    • I’m done with Amazon, its cluttered with to many 3rd party sites and the prime stuff is way more expensive. I just bought 10 items from, it came to 35 bucks with the amex deal. I priced those same items out on Amazon and picked the cheapest each time and it came to a whopping $120.00 dollars.

      I’m done with Amazon, way to many shipping restrictions like to get the 35 dollars free shipping its only certain sellers but you can’t use add on items, that has to be a seperate 25 dollar order, then the 3rd party sellers usually sell the cheapest items but the shipping is outrageous on some items.

      So long Amazon

  5. I tried to add through multiple Twitter accts and it works for one, but not the other three… First time I’ve had this problem. What the what?


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