Amex Glitch Lets You Double Dip Amex Offers

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amex offers glitch

Amex Glitch Lets You Double Dip Amex Offers

There’s something strange but profitable going on with Amex Offers. Some Membership Rewards earning credit cards are showing both cash and Membership Rewards offers for the same merchant. The glitch was reported by Doctor of Credit yesterday. This is probably a mistake on Amex’s part as they are switching many offers to cash on Membership Rewards cards.

Here’s an image of two offers showing up on the same card from Frequent Miler. There’s already a few data points that once you complete the spending requirements, both the cash and the Membership Rewards offers will be triggered. So in the 1800Flowers case above, once you spend $50, you will get $15 back and 1,500 Membership Rewards points.


I don’t see it on a few cards that I quickly checked now, but make sure you check and add them to your cards now. Also use them quickly because you never know if they will disappear from your account. I guess there’s still a small chance that they claw back one offer, even after you use it and get the credit and points.

Let me know if you see it in your cards.


  1. I’d rather have them give me useful offers even if it can only be added once.
    I have 50+ offers available and only the Lowe’s 10% back offer is useful. Wineinsiders, Martha Stewart Wines, etc. etc., Amex shouldn’t bother giving me these considering they don’t ship to Hawaii.


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