An Early Christmas Start!

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Day 249 – Tuesday December 25, 2007
Christchurch, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia

Before doing anything else on Christmas morning, our first order of business was to see what Santa had brought Shawn Reece while we were sleeping. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to check out the various gifts since we had to leave for the airport by 5am to check in for our 6:30am flight (we got a great rate on the tickets). We ended up getting out of bed at around 4:15am and managed to open all of the presents and get to the airport on time. Shawn Reece was delighted to find out that Santa had brought him a four pack of miniature skate boards that he had asked for in Dunedin along with a spy kit which was an added surprise.

At 5am we sluggishly made our way to the hotel lobby where the shuttle whisked us on a two minute ride over to the international terminal at Christchurch Airport. Inside the terminal we were delighted to see Christmas decorations spread about. After checking in for the flight and paying a $20NZD fee to exit the country, we headed for our gate and when 6:15am came around, we boarded the plane. During boarding, the friendly Air New Zealand flight attendants greeted us with a smile, Santa hats atop their heads.

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