Another Day Another Data Breach: 1.6 Million TIO Users Affected

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Data Breach Affects up to 1.6 Million TIO Users

Data Breach Affects up to 1.6 Million TIO Users

PayPal, who purchased TIO in February, reported Friday that there was a data breach that could affect up to 1.6 million TIO users.  The breach was first discovered in November and that is a big reason why TIO was shut down.


PayPal discovered the data breach of TIO’s system in November of this year.  They immediately shut down TIO’s services because of security vulnerabilities and issues with their data security program.

The following information may have been accessed:

  • Customer names
  • Addresses
  • Social Security numbers
  • Login credentials

PayPal says that their customers are unaffected since TIO ran on a separate system.


This is becoming much too common and companies need to start putting more time, effort, and resources into their data security.

It is good to see that PayPal shut down the system as soon as the breach was discover.  Uber should take some notes on how to handle data breaches.

If you were a user of TIO make sure you check your reports for any suspicious activity.




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