Anti-Revenue Based Loyalty? One Airline Plans to Give You More Miles for Paying Less!


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anti revenue based loyalty

Free Spirit More Go Miles Promotion

Over the past couple of years it has been tough to watch more and more airlines move towards revenue based frequent flyer programs. Instead of awarding miles based on the distance flown, these programs award miles based on how much you pay for the ticket. The more the ticket costs, the more miles you earn. Well, that is usually the case.

I just learned that Spirit Airlines in their normal crazy way, will be turning revenue based earning on its head in August. For that month only, they will be awarding more miles for cheaper fares. Here is how they describe the promotion.

During the month of August, fliers will receive more miles the less they spend on airfare – on top of the miles they already receive.

Specifically, bonus miles will be award as follows:


Things to Consider

Of course this is just a publicity stunt, but I find it an interesting one. I shared earlier this week how I recently had a great flight on Spirit and why I think we need to be less loyal to specific airlines. Unfortunately Free Spirit miles aren’t worth a whole lot in most cases. That is because:

  • They expire within 90 days of no activity so it is hard to keep them active.

Fortunately there is a way to get value out of Spirit and their miles. It is their co-branded credit card. That is because the card gives you a few features that are very good if and only if you fly Spirit often:

  • Cardholders can redeem select awards with fewer miles than everyone else
  • No Blackout Dates on Award Tickets
  • Become an “elite” with one purchase a month which gives you 100% earning on flights instead of 50%.

Basically, by getting the credit card and making one purchase a month (can be a $.50 Amazon GC) you keep your miles alive and ensure you earn 100% of the miles flown. Also, Spirit has a much more generous award chart for credit card holders with one-way awards starting at 2,500 miles off-peak.

So Does This Have Value?

So with all of that said, if you can find cheap airfare, you can earn a decent amount of miles under this promotion. A roundtrip flight to Los Angeles from Las Vegas for example, could generate enough miles for a one-way if the base fare was under $50. Of course you only get a decent value if and only if you have the Spirit credit card. That is a card I would get if you fly the airline often and one I absolutely wouldn’t get if you don’t. So for most people this is just something interesting to look at, but it could have deep value for others.

Either way, I like promotions like this because they draw our attention away from the Big 3 loyalty programs and their increasing disloyalty to flyers. I plan to move more and more of my business away from American due to their changes and with Spirit having such a big presence in my home airport, I just might have to buy into their ecosystem.

This promotion is not live on the Spirit website, but I am told you will be able to find it come Monday.

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  1. Shawn,

    I disagree with you on one thing. It is EASY to keep the miles from expiring! I did this:

    I designated ONE credit card I use a little bit on their Dining program and make sure to get at least a beer at one of the local places on that program once a month. Since I do that anyhow, it is painless and keeps my Spirit miles alive for literally a few bucks a month. Plus I get a beer!

    It’s basically the same program that my United card and others are on so easy to remember which places in town are on it. Sadly only 4 are, locally, but I like two of them so OK!


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