Using Up Worthless Wyndham Points, Paris Banning Buses in City Center? & Aeroplan Changes

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Wyndham was my 3rd option for hotel stays because their program offered some value at 15K per night at all properties.  But they nerfed that recently and let’s be honest their customer service is COMPLETE 💩💩.  Luckily I burned all of my Wyndham points before the devaluation.  If I hadn’t I would have transferred them to Caesars Rewards but that isn’t a tempting option for many.  If you have points expiring then Ian gives you an alternative option you probably had not considered.

Aeroplan Award Redemption Changes – One Mile at a Time

I know many readers like the Aeroplan program and this gives you all of the deets on the recent changes.

Paris to Ban Tourist Buses From City Center – Travel Pulse


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  1. Wyndham is a force, Mark. From hotels (&, yes, some extremely nice!) to timeshares to villa rentals, they should not be completely discounted if only by their sheer presence in each. And growing monthly in magnitude.

    The best play, imo, is to wait out the general Wyndham membership drain their points on casinos & trains, then see what Wyndham comes up with in a new program & a fresh start. You honestly think a Fortune 500 company doesn’t know membership is a bit miffed by the recent devaluation?? And will work hard to play nice once those liabilities are off their balance sheet?

    I get the 4 yr expiration & need to divest points. But for those who can/will hold on, Wyndham is expanding into extremely attractive properties & resorts worldwide. I see this year’s devaluation as a clean slate for them. Holding on to points where feasible might very well result in very attractive redemptions later.

    I know you are in the earn ‘n burn camp, Mark, so I already expect this to be falling on deaf ears! But let me say I just left Barbados, for instance, & their new Wyndham Grand construction project already looks fantastic & a property worthy of points hoarding. Same with Nevis…as in move over 4S.

    Most in this hobby don’t/won’t wait it out. My own best redemptions/status/upgrades/preferential treatment have been by doing just that at times, & this one does, too. To each his own, of course, but I personally reserve the “bottom of the trash heap” for defunct companies & loyalty programs. Certainly not a “hotel group with 19 brands and over 9,000 hotels across more than 75 countries.”

    Interesting today, for example, majority of TPG writers are working towards Marriott status after many openly dissing post-merger treatment. Hard to rebuke companies who may stink in some areas but ultimately deliver properties & experiences we want.

    I get you are all-in on Hyatt & Hilton. Just don’t be short-sighted on Wyndham & the opportunities that will soon present themselves if you go a looking.

    • My main issue with Wyndham, besides lackluster service in my experience and then changing rules of promos and their program on a whim, is there is not a good way to earn their points. They have no transfer partners, their credit card earning 2 pts/$ is okay but you can’t regularly get sing up bonuses on their cards since Barclays is a PIA.

      When it was 15K a night you could get 3 nights when the offer went to 45K and now you can get 1 night…that isn’t worth a hard pull.

      When they were at 15K I could maybe see spending $7,500 for a free night plus the annual bonus on the credit card for the annual fee (if you had it) but 30K for a free night…nope totally not worth it.

      If you have points in the program already I get waiting it out to see if things get better and being selective but if you have 30K or less I can’t see why anyone would add more to the pile. There are way too many middling to below average $150 a night or less hotels at 30K now to take the program seriously.

      To each their own but I can’t put trust in their company, their program or their properties.

  2. Brand new Grand destinations in St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Belize, and a new dual-branded Wyndham Grand and TRYP by Wyndham hotel in Miami, Florida are where I’m spending my WRs. Definitely NOT on a train ride!

    • At 30K a night though which is a killer to the program 🙁

      Unless people are sitting on a pile of Wyndham points the program is at the bottom of the trash heap imo, below everyone else.


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