Amazon Prime Now Codes as Grocery, Cash Out Spent App ASAP, Why Does WDW’s Water Taste So Bad?


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Spent app dead, request cashout now {before Aug 15th) – Frequent Miler

If you used the app and have some money left in there be sure to cash it out sooner rather than later.

Amazon ‘Prime Now’ Codes As Grocery On Credit Card – Doctor of Credit

This is good news for anyone who uses Prime Now and has some American Express cards with grocery bonuses.  I am sure there will be some items out there that fall into Prime now that maybe shouldn’t but that is a guess on my part.

Why Does WDW’s Water Taste So Bad? And Is It Really Safe To Drink? – YMMV
The water in the entire area tastes like sulfur to me.  The last hotel we stayed out I couldn’t even drink the water they brought out at the restaurant.  Bottled water is a must around there!


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  1. The water probably tastes terrible due to the whatever stuff (crack?) they put in it to keep people coming back.

  2. Well, if they made the water taste decent, then less people would but drinks there! Although to be honest, the prices for drinks at WDW are a bargain compared to the prices at sporting events. They charged $8 for bottled water at the Barclays center.

    • Ha you have a point there. They will give you a free cup of water but they know you will spit it out and buy a bottle of water!


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