LifeLock Money Maker, Earn Miles Dining Out & An Inspiring AA Flight Attendant!

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

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This Inspiring Story of This American Airlines Flight Attendant is Challenging Others to Accept Differences – Paddle Your Own Kanoo

I love stories like this, they are so inspiring. I do feel bad Sarah is based out of the PHL airport. American Airlines isn’t know for having the best customer service there.

Earn Airline Miles When Eating Out: Airline Dining Programs Master List – YMMV

I love when I get the email that says I expectantly earned airline miles from dining out.  Be sure to put all of the cards you normally use dining out on your favorite airline’s program.

How Did We Do on That Rakuten-LifeLock Deal? – Middle Age Miles

LifeLock is such a garbage company that I am glad people were able to make money off of them.


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  1. Just signed up for AAdvantage Dining on Monday. I’ve been putting it off since the area where I live has only two worthless restaurants. However I just got a new job and will be going to another city for a week of training. There are loads of great restaurants there so bonus miles here I come.


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