Commercial Flight Breaks Speed Record, Loyalty Programs Being Disloyal, Emotional Support Animal Changes & More!

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

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A good overview about the current state of loyalty programs and why they may be not honoring their namesake.

Using Citi ThankYou Points for a Disney Cruise Line Early Booking – Miles to the Magic

I know many people love cruising with Disney. I think that is one of the few cruises that could get me off the sidelines.  The problem is they are stupid expensive and using points is not always easy.  Citi may have the best option available but that does mean using Connextions unfortunately.

Flight from L.A. to London reaches 801 mph as a furious jet stream packs record-breaking speeds – LA Times

This is crazy.  It is amazing how much the jet stream can hurt or help your flight.  It would be cool to say you just broke the commercial speed record.


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  1. It didn’t actually break the soundbarrier because of the moving air. It’s really cool though. I was flying HKG to LAX on Wednesday and we were doing 784 mph at one time and over 760 mph for most of the first half of the flight. That resulted in arriving an hour and a half early. Love it!

    • You are correct Chris I missed that and I have updated it. Very cool and nothing better than arriving early. Unless they run out of gates to deplane you since you are early and then you get stuck on the plane…I have had that happen before 🙁

  2. If you read the article, you’ll note that the plane did not break the sound barrier. If the speed across the surface was 801 mph and the tail wind was 230 mph, then the air speed was 571 mph, well below mach one, or the speed of sound.


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