[Dead] Hilton Aspire Card, 150K Offer with Waived Annual Fee

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aspire waived fee

Hilton Aspire Card, 150K Offer with Waived Annual Fee

Mark has said in the past that the American Express Hilton Aspire card is HANDS DOWN the most valuable premium card on the market. But what if you can make it even better?

There’s currently an offer that still gets you the best ever bonus of 150,000 Hilton points, but also waived the annual fee for the first year. This is a huge deal, as the fee is $450. But there’s also some risk involved.

The offer, which you can find at this link, shows a $450 annual fee just under the welcome offer.

But if you look in the terms and conditions, then you will notice that it says “$0 for the first year, then $450”.


This is a tremendous opportunity, but make sure to take screenshots of the offer to avoid issues if you are approved. Let us know how it works out.

Read all about the card here.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I’ve looked at this card before but the $450 annual fee is a shop stopper for me. But this is tempting with the waiver. As a Lifetime Diamond, the offer of Diamond status is useless. I like the looks of those 150k HH points, however. I really have to look at this. With a trip to a Hilton resort in a little under two weeks, I may pull the trigger on this one. thanks again!


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